“What’s the point of worrying about the past? A real start keeps moving forward”

1. When Black☆Star writes an autograph, he writes his name in full caps and uses the ‘A’ in ‘BLACK’ to draw the top point of the star symbol instead of writing ‘STAR’ out. To then make the bottom left points of the star he draws it out from the ‘R’

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 3.23.50 pm.png

2. Black☆Star was taken into the DWMA as a baby (and cared for by Sid) on the same day that Maka was born

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3. Black☆Star is considered to be based upon the character Shotaro from B Ichi (another series written by Atshushi Ohkubo, who created Soul Eater). Black☆Star has quite a similar personality to B Ichi, they both have spiked hair and they both have the same favourite superhero (Charisma Justice)

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4. Black☆Star is the only character in the anime to be voiced by a woman – in both Japanese and English

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5. When referring to himself, Black☆Star likes to uses the honorific 俺様 (‘ore-sama’) which translates to ‘the great me’

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6. Ohkubo has officially announced that Black☆Star is actually stronger than Death the Kid by the end of the series

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