They deserve so much more love.

1. Atlantis

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Obviously. Awesome characters, interesting storyline, great plot twist? Sign me up!

2. Aristocats

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I love watching this movie. The animation in that sketchy sort of style is so pretty. The characters are lively, the movie is entertaining and the songs are amazing (Everybody Wants To Be A Cat or Thomas O’Malley anyone?).

3. Emperor’s New Groove

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This movie is so funny and unfortunately it’s usually swept under the rug when Disney movies come up in conversation for the princess movies. The characters are funny, entertaining, everything about everything in this is just a fall into place nicely film! It’s so iconic.

4. The Rescuers Down Under

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The protagonists are mice and they’re great. Watch it just for them. I mean, elite field agent mice! Plus Australia!

5. The Black Cauldron

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To be honest I don’t remember much about this movie except for that I liked it and then it made me cry and 7-year-old me wasn’t ready for any of it. I also found the characters to be quite realistic in their reactions to things.

6. The Fox and the Hound

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This is such a cute film! A coming-of-age story about a fox and hound who’ve lived next door to each other for their whole lives…

7. Bedknobs and Broomsticks

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This is a fun film! Again, I don’t remember much about it apart from that I was forced to watch it by my mum and then actually ended up enjoying it. There’s some pretty cool and creative ideas in it, and the actors are great. Plus the costumes and setting are like Mary Poppins, so good stuff.
Also I just Wikipediaed it. Apparently this movie was actually shelved quite a few times during production because of the similarities to Mary Poppins. So if you’re in the mood for Mary Poppins but not a repeat watch of it, Bedknobs and Broomsticks it is!

8. The Sword in the Stone

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So now that I’m on my Wikipedia research binge, turns out that that the songs from The Sword in the Stone were written and composed by the Sherman Brothers who also wrote the music for Mary Poppins, The Jungle Book, The Aristocats and Bedknobs and Broomsticks. The only conclusion I can draw from this information is talent. Talent is the Sherman Brothers. The Sherman Brothers wrote amazing music. So yes, please watch. And I guess that there’s other good things in The Sword in the Stone too… You know, iconic characters, plot etc. etc.

9. Treasure Planet

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The music, story world design, narrative… It’s all great! Emotional and an interesting and epic adventure!

10. Brother Bear

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So. Many. Tears. Everything about this entire film makes me cry usually. The plot points, music, literally everything in this movie works to create an amazing movie and make me cry.