On a scale of 1 to Yu-Gi-Oh!!! protagonist, how wild is your hair today?

On a scale of 1 to Yu-Gi-Oh!!! protagonist, how wild is your hair today?

  1. Yugi Moto1.png
    Series: Classic
    Deck Type: Strategy, Toy/Inner Strength (without Atem)
  1. Pharaoh Atem2.png
    Series: Classic
    Deck Type: Strategy
  2. Seto Kaiba3.jpg
    Series: Classic
    Deck Type: Power
  3. Yami Bakura4.jpg
    Series: Classic
    Deck Type: Disruption (Duelist Kingdom), Occult (Battle City), Diabound/Fiend (Dawn of the Duel)
  4. Joey Wheeler5.jpg
    Series: Classic
    Deck Type: Warrior/Beast-Warrior
  5. Yami Marik6.png
    Series: Classic
    Deck Type: Immorality/Torture
  6. Jesse Anderson7.png
    Series: GX
    Deck Type: Crystal Beast
  7. Zane Truesdale8.png
    Series: GX
    Deck Type: Cyber Art
  8. Aster Phoenix9.png
    Series: GX
    Deck Type: Hero
  9. Jaden Yuki10.png
    Series: GX
    Deck Type: Elemental Hero
  10. Adrian Gecko11.png
    Series: GX
    Deck Type: Forbidden Beast/Cloud Deck
  11. Yusei Fudo12.png
    Series: 5D
    Deck Type: Warrior/Synchron Hidden Treasure
  12. Jack Atlas13.jpg
    Series: 5D
    Deck Type: Entertainment Power/Burning Soul
  13. Don Thousand14.png
    Series: ZEXAL
    Deck Type: Numeron
  14. Kite Tenjo15.png
    Series: ZEXAL
    Deck Type: Photon
  15. Zarc16.png
    Series: ARC-V
    Deck Type: Supreme King



So… which boss battle did you struggle the most with?

So… which boss battle did you struggle the most with?

  1. Kingdom Hearts – Kurt Zisakz.PNG

The Kurt Zisa has nine different attacks at its disposal including tornado, neck whip, fire orb, dash and silencega – what a joy. It has a pattern to its fighting though, consisting of three different stages. First, it’ll wield its two glowing orbs in each of its top hands and use only physical attacks. Then it’ll become stunned and this is when you can attack it before it’ll start to hover and deal heavy damage to you. The Kurt Zisa can also stop you using physical attacks and it likes to do so frequently…

  1. Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories – Marluxia1.PNG

I’d have to say Marluxia’s is the hardest boss battle of this game. He likes to move around a lot and his power and speed stats are pretty high. Larxene’s and Axel’s 2nd battles are also good contenders though – but both have tricks to beat them. Axel has a weakeness to ice-based attacks and against Larxene you essentially just roll, cast fire, roll, cast fire, roll… (you get the idea…)

  1. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days – Leechgrave2.PNG

The Leechgrave. I actually hate that thing with a passion. It was so annoying and tedious!

  1. Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded – Data Roxas3.PNG

Let’s just pretend this game wasn’t a lot easier than the others and just say Data Roxas. Though fighting against Maleficent in her dragon form is also one people seem struggle with…

  1. Kingdom Hearts II – Sephiroth4.PNG

The boss battle against Sephiroth is regarded as the hardest in Kingdom Hearts II. He’s found in Hollow Bastion, and as the lucky player of this game you get to face him as he wields his huge sword at you (which not only covers large distances but can literally obliterate your party’s health in one blow). Sephiroth also has other abilities like summoning Meteor and someone in Square Enix somewhere along the way decided it was perfectly acceptable to allow him to also use Sin Harvest to instantly deplete Sora’s Health?

But because they obviously want to make everything easier for you, they decided to also make Sephiroth dash all around the battlefield as he attacks you – meaning you end up having to constantly dodge while trying to find opportunities to attack.

So, have fun with this boss battle! Grab some snacks for while you’re playing, bring along a cushion and prepare your vocal chords for a wild night in of frustration!

  1. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep – Vanitas Lingering Sentiment5.PNG

The KH fandom stares into the distance and whispers, “Vanitas Lingering Sentiment…”

This boss is infamous among Kingdom Hearts players. There are sooooo many attacks that leave you grasping at nothing to try and keep your pitiful amount of HP, an attack that can stop your magic and/or physical attacks, an attack that messes with your commands and the lovely commands that constantly change on you also include one that reads, “Escape.” Except whenever you click the wrong button you lose HP and if you don’t click on anything you get to die!

  1. Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix – The Mysterious Figure6.PNG

“The Mysterious Figure…” *the entire Kingdom Hearts fan base shudders*

I mean seriously, we all wanted to know if this guy was cheating! You can lose straight up if your level isn’t high enough, the guy has two weapons to fight with, he can cast pretty much all of the strongest spells (meteor, death, megaflare, would you like me to continue?). When you finally get his HP down to half he turns invisible – also meaning you can’t lock onto him or see where he’s coming from. Then he can CLONE himself and all his clones can do everything that he can, he has an attack that gets rid of your own special attacks and I haven’t even mentioned that he after you start doing some damage to him, the mysterious figure will either put up a temporary shield so that any damage you inflict heals him instead or he can stop time, reverse time, TELEPORT BEHIND YOU, begin an attack and then unfreeze time again

  1. Dream Drop Distance – Young Xehanort7.PNG

*Screams into the night*


There’s some dark stuff in these theories…

There’s some dark stuff in these theories…

*There may be some more sensitive content below. There’s nothing in-depth – but if you aren’t comfortable with general reading about suicide and death, you may not want to read this post*

  1. San wears the corpse of her dead sister

Okay, so you know how the wolf goddess Moro says that when she found a couple ‘defiling the forest’ they threw their baby on the ground and fled? Yes? Okay, good. So pretty much this theory suggests that what Moro meant by ‘defiling the forest’ is that the couple where hunting her pups, and perhaps even managed to even kill one. It’s been theorised that the fur San wears throughout the movie is the coat of Moro’s dead pup…

  1. Totoro is the god of death

Okay so this theory actually has a surprising amount of evidence behind it… When Mei goes missing and people find a shoe in a pond, this may imply that Mei did actually drown. But despite Granny thinking it was Mei’s shoe, Satsuki wouldn’t have it… Instead, she ran to find Totoro in his den – the Underworld – and kills herself. The theory explains that the only reason Satsuki is able to find Mei is because they’re both in the land of the dead…

Even in the movie, before the girls go to see their mother, the stops on the Catbus flick past the words ‘grave road.’ Adding to this, it’s reasoned that their mother could sense their presence because she herself is at death’s doorstep – while their father couldn’t do this. Mei and Satsuki being dead is another reason for why they don’t interact with any living person during the end of the film…

But there’s more! Fans have long speculated that the movie is based upon the infamous Sayama Incident – a crime which occurred 1963 where a young girl was murdered and her sister subsequently committed suicide. Despite Studio Ghibli stating that the movie is not linked to the incident, there are many connections such as how both of the girls who died in the Sayama Incident had names relating the month May – and Mei’s name (obviously) and Satsuki’s name (which means ‘May’ in Japanese) also relate to the month May…

  1. Dola from Laputa is an elderly version of Pippi Longstocking

This theory originates from the fact that back in the 1980s, Miyazaki pitched for a Pippi Longstocking movie. The idea was rejected but fans think that he still got to put Pippi in one of his movie’s – as Dola shares her same gravity-defying pigtails and we can totally see Pippi commanding a gang of sky pirates (especially considering Pippi’s dad was a sea captain)!

  1. Yubaba’s bath-house is actually a brothel

This one is slightly disturbing… But essentially, in the movie the girls who work at Yubaba’s bath-house are called ‘yuna,’ which translates to ‘hot water woman.’ Now, back when these kind of establishments were big in Japan, it was the yuna that not only assisted the visiting men but also assisted the visiting men. To also support this theory, the point has also been raised that at brothels the woman that ran the establishment was referred to as ‘yubaba.’

Fans have also brought up the fact that after signing her life away, Chihiro’s name changes to Sen – which means “1/100th of a yen.” This means that Chihiro became just another number in the brothel and emphasises that she is simply an object – explaining why No Face thinks that he can ‘buy’ Chihiro with gold

  1. All of Miyazaki’s films are set in the same world

Like Pixar films, there are many links between Miyazaki’s films. Examples of this include how the soot sprites that appear in My Neighbour Totoro also make an appearance in Spirited Away, that a young version of Pazu from Laputa can be seen in Howl’s Moving Castle and that the same creature (the cat/squirrel/I actually have no clue what that thing is) appears in both Nausicaa and Laputa

  1. Whisper of the Heart made people want to commit suicide

It’s said that after watching this movie, people became depressed after lamenting upon their wasted youth. Of course, it has never been confirmed that anyone did commit suicide – but a thread on message boards called ‘Whisper of the Heart Suicide Centre’ was created and was filled with people who hated the world around them and wanted to discuss their feelings with others

  1. Ponyo is an angel

This theory has been called slightly creepy as it suggests that everyone in Sosuke’s village died in the flood. It’s said that the boats which carry all the townspeople down the river all go in one direction because they are all being carried off into the afterlife. Fans came up with this theory after believing that the raised water that travels in the same direction is a reference to the Sanzu River.

Also, Ponyo and Sosuke are seen going through a tunnel, but are never seen going back through it, suggesting that they went to the afterlife and never returned

  1. No Face is another human trapped in the spirit world

This theory explains why No Face has weaker magic that the other spirits and why he’s so taken with Chihiro – because she’s the only other one of his kind that he can find

  1. Ponyo and Sosuke are Mr and Mrs Osono from Kiki’s Delivery Service

Some fans has speculated that the bakers from Kiki’s Delivery Service look an awful lot like adult versions of Ponyo and Sosuke. Maybe they did get married, open a bakery and welcome Kiki into their home later in their life?

The major flaw in this theory though is that Kiki’s Delivery Service was released in 1989 while Ponyo was only released in 2008 – meaning that Miyazaki would have had to plan this occurrence 19 years in advance!

  1. Seita is in Purgatory

You know what? It’s almost as if Grave of the Fireflies already wasn’t one of the saddest, most depressing movies I’ve ever watched because this theory suggests that Seita is stuck in a continuous loop in Purgatory – forced to relive the events that lead up to his sister’s death as his punishment (as some fans believe that Seita is to blame for his sisters death)

  1. The Ghibli Curse

This is an interesting theory among Japanese financial traders that states that Studio Ghibil has the potential to damage the stock market. Apparently, whenever a Ghibli movie is aired on television in Japan anything from a bad report to payroll dates all take a bad turn.

The numbers have been run from 2008 to 2013 and apparently, 28 times out of the 35 times Ghibli movies aired, either the currently of Japan or the US dropped the following day…


We’re all mad here…

We’re all mad here…

  1. Alice in Wonderland (2010)
    Director: Tim Burton
    A Difference from the Original: Burton literally has created an entirely new plot based upon the Carroll’s original characters
  2. Alice in Wonderland (1988)
    Director: Jan Svankmajer
    A Difference from the Original: This one conjures up some slightly terrifying images for its audience. Like the White Rabbit breaking out of a glass case to then walk over the broken glass as he sews himself back together…
  3. Alice in Wonderland (1966)
    Director: Jonathan Miller
    A Difference from the Original: The characters from Wonderland are all in Victorian dress. This is thought to reinforce the idea that all the characters are representations of adults in Alice’s ‘real world’
  4. Disney’s Alice in Wonderland (1951)
    Director: Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske
    A Difference from the Original: This movie keeps Carroll’s plot, but was actually an initial failure (believed to be due to the film’s ‘unfilmable’ nature). It was said that the film was, “a series of disconnected bits of weirdness”
  5. Alice in Wonderland (1985)
    Director: Harry Harris
    A Difference from the Original: This series has the same ‘innocence’ that is infused within a lot of 80s films. It also has some more minor deviations from the original story such as the Queen of Hearts being turned into a sheep at one stage…



The perfumes are priced at $70+ for a 30mL bottle just in case you wanted to know…

The perfumes are priced at $70+ for a 30mL bottle just in case you wanted to know…

  1. The Attack on Titan manga was started 7 years before the anime


  2. Jean is Isayama’s favourite character


  3. There was an Attack on Titan perfume collection released in Japan


  4. There is a crossover comic between Attack on Titan and Marvel. The comic is an eight-page adventure where we get to learn what happens when Titans invade the Marvel Universe and superheroes like Captain America and Spider-Man have to fight against them


  5. Many of the characters features in the live-movie adaption weren’t in the manga or anime


  6. Sasha was originally meant to be killed off at the end of volume 9. But after Isayama’s editor cried after reading it, he was convinced to rewrite the chapter and keep Sasha alive


  7. Many of the characters’ ‘power of the Titans’ forms were inspired by famous fighters. Eren’s Titan form was designed after mixed martial artist Yushin Okami and Reiner’s Armoured Titan form was modelled after professional wrestler and mixed marital artist Brock Lesnar


  8. Eren’s name means ‘saint’ or ‘holy person’ in Turkish


  9. The two Titans which Hange named ‘Sawney’ and ‘Bean’ is a reference to the infamous cannibal Sawney Bean




Who else plays too much Animal Crossing and then forgets how society actually functions when forced to leave your town?

Who else plays too much Animal Crossing and then forgets how society actually functions when forced to leave your town?

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Because let’s be honest… You really only watch this anime for the OST

Because let’s be honest… You really only watch this anime for the OST

Guilty Crown has a good plot (at least from what I remember when I was 14…) and I did genuinely enjoy the anime, but the thing I remember most about it is definitely the music! So here are 6 of my favourites from the Guilty Crown OST!

  1. βios
  1. Krone
  1. My Dearest
  1. Release My Soul
  1. Departures
  1. Hill of Sorrow


Which jutsu is your favourite?

Which jutsu is your favourite?

  1. Susanoo

    When activated, Susanoo forms around its user and becomes an extension of their will – acting and attacking on their behalf

  2. Rasengan

    Essentially, the Rasengan is a is a spinning ball of chakra formed and held in the palm of the user’s hand

  3. Wind Style: Rasen-Shuriken

    Like the Wind Release: Rasengan, the user has the help of two shadow clones in the Rasenshuriken’s formation. The user provides the chakra while one clone helps keep the chakra contained and the other clone adds their wind nature. However, unlike the Wind Release: Rasengan, there is an additional shape transformation added to the Rasenshuriken, creating four large points around the Rasengan core (giving the appearance of a shuriken)

  4. Reaper Death Seal

    The Reaper Death Seal is a sealing technique used to call upon the power of the Shinigamie

  5. Reanimation Jutsu

    The Reanimation Jutsu is a forbidden jutsu used to revive the dead

  6. 8 Inner Gates

    The Eight Gates are eight specific places on a person’s Chakra Pathway System which limit the overall flow of chakra within a person’s body. By completing intense training, one can learn how to open these gates to allow the user to surpass their own physical limitations (at the cost of extreme damage to their body)

  7. Amaterasu

    Amaterasu is the highest form of Fire Release. Once created, it can burn for seven days and the flames cannot be extinguished by anything (other than by the user). This jutsu is said to be the ‘fires from hell’ and burn ‘as hot as the sun itself.’ Amaterasu can burn any material (including other flames) until only ash remains

  8. Chidori

    Chidori is the concentration of lightning chakra around the user’s hand



Which one is your favourite?

Which one is your favourite?

  1. “I’m a pork cutlet bowl fatale that enthralls men” – Yuuri


  2. “Vkusno!” – Victor


  3. “You have to do the opposite of what people expect. How else will you surprise them? That’s my motto” – Victor


  4. Yuuri: “Who’d even be happy to see me naked on ice?”
    Victor: “At the very least, I would be”



  5. “Before we start practicing, let’s build some trust in our relationship” – Victor


  6. “I’ve always looked up to you. I ignored you because I didn’t want you to see my shortcomings” – Yuuri


  7. “We call everything on the ice ‘love’” – Victor


  8. “People shine brightest when they seek to understand what kind of love sustains them” – Lilia


  9. “I was dragged into a dance-off and got humiliated too!” – Yurio


  10. “Dance with beauty. Beauty is a crushing force of righteousness! Strength means nothing without beauty” – Lilia


  11. “If selling my soul is all it takes to win, I’ll give you my whole body, no holds barred” – Yurio


  12. “Just have more faith than I do that I’ll win! You don’t have to say anything. Just stand by me!” – Yuuri


  13. “It’s JJ style!” – JJ


  14. “I have no past accomplishments to defend. This is my new beginning!” – Phichit


  15. “Don’t make fun of me for looking up to you for so long and trying to catch up to you!” – Minami


  16. “It’s even to make even me, a man, pregnant! Such eros!” – Yuuri


  17. “Stakers’ hearts are as fragile as glass. If their hearts are so fragile… Let’s try shattering his into pieces” – Victor


  18. “Any guy who wears sunglasses on his head is scum” – Yurio


  19. “Even if I’m not here, I’ll always be with you in spirit” – Victor


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“We each need to find our own inspiration, Kiki. Sometimes it’s not easy” – Ursula

“We each need to find our own inspiration, Kiki. Sometimes it’s not easy” – Ursula

Kiki’s Delivery Service, directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli, tells the story of a young witch named Kiki. She moves to a new town and uses her ability to fly to make a living by delivering parcels to people. The movie was released in 1989 and has won many awards such as the Animage Anime Grand Prix prize (for best anime, best female character and best anime theme song), the Mainichi Film Award (for best animated film) and the Japan Academy Prize (for the ‘special award’ and the popularity award).

  1. Some themes explored throughout the movie include the independence and the reliance teenage girls can display


  2. These above themes tie in nicely to the major theme of the movie – Kiki’s transition into adulthood


  3. Kiki is a relatable character who struggles with many problems people face during adolescence including finding a job, seeking acceptance and learning to take care of oneself


  4. The concept of vulnerability is also explored throughout the film


  5. Jiji is an amazing cat


  6. Kiki learns to overcome her problems – the main crisis she faces is her loss of her ability to fly. During this time, she learns that being vulnerable can help her to learn valuable lessons and better understand herself


  7. Ursula gives some awesome advice


  8. All the characters Kiki surrounds herself are incredible – they are supportive and kind