Why is it So Hard To Choose a Favourite Jujutsu Kaisen Character?

In some series, it’s so easy to choose a favourite character. Team Edward? Or Team Jacob?

But so many people seem to struggle to pick favourite Jutjutsu Kaisen characters. I too fall prey to this. I love Yuji because he’s brave, compassionate and funny. I love Nobara because she’s a badass who loves shopping with a cool technique. I love Megumi because he’s private, has an interesting backstory/perspective and has an awesome technique. I love Maki because she’s insanely confident and powerful with interesting family dynamics. I love Nanami because of his ‘this is a 9-5 attitude’ and maturity. I love Inumaki because of his vocabulary, his reliability and his awesome technique marks. I love Choso because of his love of his brothers, his awesome technique and his beautiful character design. I could continue. You get the idea.

Perhaps it’s so hard to choose favourites because of character dynamics. Jujutsu Kaisen has some of the best dynamics! The first year trio, the second year trio, the Kyoto students, the first-second year Tokyo students, the Tokyo-Kyoto students, the teachers-students, the teachers, the villains… Again, I could continue. All of them have their moments and their own personalities so perhaps this makes it hard because we get to connect with all these characters.

I’ve put forward this ‘dynamics help showcase their qualities’ because there’s actually very little academic research done with regards to the topic of favourites. When researching the psychology of favourites, what shows up is papers regarding using children’s favourite characters/toys/something to help their educational development. Due to this lack of concrete understanding of how the psychology of favourites work, people assume it’s based upon: if a character is well written, if we relate to them, if they make us feeling something, if they draw in our interesting.

This definitely makes sense to me, as usually are favourites do actually tend to be characters that make us feel happy. This also links in with the idea that favourites are also based in our biology – as things that give us more happiness give us higher levels of happy hormones and this is how we know something is our favourite.

All of this allows me to conclude: it’s so hard to choose a favourite Jujutsu Kaisne character because so many of them make us feel happy because they’re well written, have interesting personalities, goals and backstories, have unique abilities, and have stellar character designs.

But what do you think? Do you have a favourite Jujutsu Kaisen character and if so, do you have a reason why?

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Will the Attack on Titan Ending be Well-Received?

For those who saw the reaction the Attack on Titan manga’s ending evoked, well… there was a lot going on.

What did you think of the ending if you’ve already read it? I think it’ll be really funny if people like the Attack on Titan ending.

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What Character Archetype Are You?

It’s time for a quiz! If you want to answer as we go, this quiz was created by Rowandor and can be found here: https://uquiz.com/quiz/lbJpjR/which-character-archetype-are-you-really

I can only remember one house that I’ve lived in and it is a nice house but not exactly my type I guess…

Definitely forgive, but never forget for me.

Cats are so cute! I have to pick them!

I’ve always like Fridays so Fridays it is!

I’m a night owl so it has to be midnight.

I think growth is individual first before anything else.

This question is always way too tough to decide my answer. I’m choosing air because I am rather chill.

I don’t really have many ‘secrets’ – but I haven’t done anything that I regret that’s affected anyone.

I think it really depends on the context. I think I can be rather nice but also rather cold depending on the situation.

I love the texture of sand!

I think I have ‘fixed’ morals/opinions, I’m realistic/pessimistic depending on what the situation is, I don’t think I’m ‘dry’ and I’m rather relaxed I’ve been told.

It was tough to choose between Drops of Jupiter and The Little Lion because both are great songs! I also like Avi Kaplan, he’s so talented!

I think finding out more about the world, life and myself are important.

Honestly, I’m not surprised by this result.

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Anime I’d Recommend

A Short Anime: Death Parade

An Anime with Lovable Characters: Haikyuu!

A Beautifully Animated Anime: Demon Slayer

A Funny Anime: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

A Romantic Anime: Howl’s Moving Castle

An Action-Packed Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

A Mysterious Anime: Erased

An Anime for if You Haven’t Watched an Anime: Death Note

A Bloody Anime: Attack on Titan

A Good Netflix Anime: Great Pretender

A Sad Anime: Wolf Children

An MA15+ Anime: Parasyte

An Overall Amazing Anime: Mob Psycho 100

An Anime with Superpowers: My Hero Academia

An Anime with an Intense Start: Psycho Pass

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5 Facts to Know About Hizashi Yamada

1. His birthday is 7th July, his blood type is B, he was born in Tokyo, his favourite food is fried chicken, he’s 185cm, and he likes radio and TV.

2. Present Mic has a radio show called ‘Put Your Hands Up Radio’ where he broadcasts nonstop music every Friday night.

3. His eye colour is red in the manga, but greenish-yellow in the anime.

4. According to Ultra Archive Present Mic’s stats are:
Power 3/5 (C)
Speed 2/5 (D)
Technique 4/5 (B)
Intelligence 5/5 (A)
Cooperativeness 5/5 (A)
According to Ultra Analysis his stats are:
Power 3/6 (C)
Speed 3/6 (C)
Technique 4/6 (B)
Intelligence 4/6 (B)
DJ Soul 6/6 (S+)

5. Since in the anime it’s Present Mic who provides the explanations of characters and their Quirks, when Present Mic’s Quirk is introduced it is Aizawa who provides the explanation.

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My Favourite Jujutsu Kaisen Theories


I love a good theory as much as the next person. Jujutsu Kaisen has risen in popularity by tenfold since the anime aired and with this popularity has come an increase in theories. As the story progresses especially in the manga, there’s questions viewers have that these theories aim to answer:

Why is Yuji Sukuna’s Vessel?

There’s a theory that Yuji can be Sukuna’s vessel because he’s linked to Sukuna.

Sukuna is an actual Japanese legend – he’s a being with 4 arms and two faces. In some places the legend says that Sukuna was a kind spirit who saved villagers, but in other places the legend says that Sukuna was evil and that he killed and tortured people.

Because in Jujutsu Kaisen Sukuna is presented as pure evil though, this has lead some viewers to speculate that the ‘kind’ side of Sukuna could be Yuji.

This theory explains that the evil side of Sukuna was sealed away in his 20 fingers while his good side reincarnates as Yuji. This is used to explain why Yuji is the ‘1 in 1 million’ who can act as Sukuna’s vessel and why Yuji has enhanced superhuman physical abilities even before he ate his first cursed finger.

Is Yuji a Cursed Womb Death Painting?

This theory is discussed HERE. I loved reading this article because it explains a few theories regarding this question and what we have learnt in the manga about Yuji, Choso, their relationship and Yuji’s parents.

What is Toji’s Cursed Spirit Worm?

Toji has a cursed spirit worm that he takes with him to hold his weapons. Although Toji can’t actually see the spirit since he has zero cursed energy, he can sense its presence with his heightened senses. There’s a sad theory I saw HERE made by Tumblr user kaitinumaki about why this cursed spirit stays with Toji.

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I’d Love to Have Anime Cartilage Earrings

I have four helix piercings and I just think it’d be neat if there was more earrings for cartilage piercings. Imagine a Demon Slayer industrial that’s a replica of Tanjiro’s sword, a MHA triple forward helix that has symbols for Deku, Bakugou and Todoroki, a Naruto tragus that is a sharigan.

I would assume the main reason why cartilage earrings for anime don’t really exist is because you want to wear higher quality metals in these piercings, which can be hard to do for small businesses making them.

If anyone has any ideas though on how to make a high quality metal DIY earrings though or knows a place to buy some please let me know!

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The Cutest ‘Lava You’ Animatic

We all know the absolute tear-jerker that is ‘Lava You,’ written by James Ford Murphy and inspired by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole and his rendition of ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow.’

I found a cute animatic of the song on Maxwellaviv’s YouTube channel if you’re interested in checking it out:

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The Purpose of Tengen Uzui’s White Headwrap?

The question has plagued my mind ever since I started watching and reading Demon Slayer: why does Tengen Uzui wear a white headwrap?

Throughout the time I’ve been reading through the manga and since finishing season 1 and watching the movie, I’ve been thinking about if there’s a reason why he wears his white headwrap.


The thoughts had crossed my mind that Tengen is canonically a very handsome character. Perhaps the author wanted him to wear a headwrap to suit his flashiness? But this didn’t seem like the right answer since when he wears his hair down in the series, he received more attention. He receives so many compliments about his appearance when he is dressed in civilian clothes. I thought that maybe then it helps to conceal attention from himself but as a trained shinobi, I think he could conceal himself well with or without one so this doesn’t make much sense to me.

I then thought that maybe just wants his hair out of his way then while fighting? Yet during fights the warp is shown to be not that durable and his hair falls out of it, and he already keeps his ponytail out of it anyway. And after his retirement he wears his hair down so his hair seems to not bother him. I had been thinking that maybe the ponytail didn’t bother him but the headwrap helped him to keep hair out of his face but this also didn’t make sense, since his post-retirement hairstyle has his hair not tied back/up at all and in his corps outfit he wears a large headband with gemstones arranged in a line framing his face – so it must not bother him.

And it is not a mandate for demon slayers to wear one. It is also most likely not a part of his clan’s beliefs, since he doesn’t wear it after he retires so it’s most likely not a sign of marital status or something of the like.

This really just made me wonder if what the purpose of his headwrap is.

I then looked to his character facts sheet and found nothing about his headwrap’s purpose. I did find however that in his preliminary design Tengen wore bandages that covered a lot of his face. It’s hard to tell if the bandages are also his headwrap or separate, but I thought that his initial design could support the idea that he wears them to conceal his identity since that is a typical outfit trait of a shinobi.

But while doing some research I found out that shinobi didn’t necessarily wear headwraps. Although the popular image of a shinobi is someone wearing all black with little to no features visible this idea has been proposed to be something that was rooted in artistic convention rather than evidence. There is little evidence for such attire of shinobis, and it was more common for them to be disguised as civilians (or even merchants or workers). It’s been suggested the black they’re typically seen wearing is to artistically convey their ‘invisibility’ – an idea borrowed from the puppet handlers of burraku theatre, who dressed in total black to try to simulate props moving on their own. It’s most likely that what shinobi used were attire similar to a samurai but with loose garments tucked into their trousers that were secured with belts.

Shinobi are also thought to have worn a tenugui. A tenugui is a piece of cloth with many functions shinbo could make use of such as: covering one’s face, forming a belt or assisting in climbing. These cloths are a thin hand towel made from cotton. They are usually 35 x 90cm in size, plain woven and usually dyed with a pattern on them. They are used in a variety of ways by people such as a washcloth, worn as a headband, placed as decoration, and used to wrap bottles. Tenugui are also used in kendo as a head covering to function as a sweatband and to provide extra padding beneath headgear. (If you’re interested in reading more about tenugui I’d suggest checking out this website: https://www.tofugu.com/japan/tenugui/).

So perhaps Tengen’s headwrap is actually a tenugui that can be used in varied ways if needed for slaying demons, help give him some extra protection and minimise sweat!

Additionally, headwraps are usually worn for a variety of purposes such as protection of the head and/or hair from rain, dirt, wind, cold, warm weathers and more. Wearing one therefore could be helpful to Tengen since the demon slayers seem to travel a lot and they do very physical work. So he could just taking precautions to project things like his scalp and hair.

In conclusion, I do think the reason Tengen wears a white headwrap during his time in the Demon Slayer Corps is because it’s most likely a character design choice made by the author. But theoretically, it could be a tenugui which would help help cover his face, form a belt, assist him to climb, and other activities that are useful for shinbo. It would also help give added protection to his head and/or hair from elements while on missions and even help minimise sweat while demon slaying.

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