Please don’t judge my tastes in fictional males…

Please don’t judge my tastes in fictional males…

I began this blog 37 days ago and as I was still learning to navigate all the options to click on at my disposal in the sidebar, the unimaginable happened… Merlin nominated me in a tag! So obviously, I promptly began to do what any other person would do in a situation where they are equally excited and slightly panicked about not doing well: have an existential crisis.

But don’t worry! I’ve managed to prevail! (And definitely didn’t come to the realisation that this is a fabulous way to procrastinate studying for that chemistry exam I have on Monday…)

The rules of this tag are pretty simple! (Meaning that I will most likely stuff something up in this blog post because it’s my superpower. Actually, I’ve been thinking about using ‘Disaster Girl’ as my alias. Any thoughts about it? My costume is still in the process of being designed though… It ended up being a longer, more gruelling internal battle about whether or not to incorporate Crocs or spandex leggings into the outfit than I initially thought it would be.) The rules are as follow:

  1. Mention the name of the blog you were tagged by, as well as the creators of this game – Realweegiemidget Reviews and Thoughts All Sorts – to all blogs involved and including this picture below –
  2. List five of your greatest hotties from TV and/or film, i.e. crushes/objects of your affection, including musicians or sports stars too
  3. Tell us how you were introduced to them and why you like them/what appeals
  4. Add some appealing pictures
  5. Tag seven bloggers for their Five Flaming Hotties
  6. Post the rules

Challenged accepted! 🙂

Surprisingly, this was actually kind of hard to come up with a list of five of my top hotties. I’ve never thought of anyone, fictional or real, as ‘hot’ before and realised that the closest endearing adjective I use to describe someone is ‘cute.’ So, after holding the preliminary trials (in which I decided just to stick with fictional characters for this tag) and completing the knock-out rounds for my successful contestants, I’ve come up with my list of 5 of my top hotties!  So, without further ado, here they are:

  1. L – Death Note

    Ah… Death Note... My best friend is actually the one who recommended it to me when I started watching anime a couple of years back, and since then I haven’t looked back.
    I’d like to start off by asking: do you know someone who can pull off bed-head, casual clothes and bags under their eyes WELL? That takes talent. And it is a talent I have respect for. L’s simply gorgeous in his own way.
    And obviously, L is very intelligent. He’s also presented at times to be a bit more vulnerable – like when he talked about not having a friend before… But the thing I love most about L is that he has his little quirks that make him all the more loveable and he has also has a quieter, socially-awkward side – making him easier to relate to. I find him to be a character I can emphasise with, and for that he’s on my list.

  1. Howl – Howl’s Moving Castle

    I remember that the first time I watched Howl’s Moving Castle in year 8 and unlike the other 13-year-olds in my class, I wasn’t gushing over him. All the other girls in my class were just interested in his appearance (particularly his eyes) while I was more focused upon actually taking in the entirety of the movie – not daydreaming about a fictional wizard in front of the rest of the class and the teacher. Don’t get me wrong – I loved Howl’s personality and still do – but it’s only been over time that I’ve gained more appreciation for his pleasing aesthetic too. Because really, Howl is a gorgeous man.
    But he’s not only easy of the eyes, he’s also a character whose personality I’m fond of. He loves Sophie for who she is and tries to help her realise that she is special. He wants the girl he loves to love herself and be happy. He’s compassionate, loving and talented. To be honest I don’t even mind about his vanity because it’s something I more often than not end up laughing it – so if you’re ever having a break-down about your looks, I’m probably of no help to you.
    Also, Christian Bale does an incredible job as the voice of Howl in the English dub!

  1. Axel – Kingdom Hearts

    I think it’s the confidence? And that flawless sense of humour. Need a quick one-liner? Axel’s got it. Need just generally a character to appear that can be equally goofy, cool, relatable, skilled and endearing? Axel’s got it covered.
    My first introduction to Axel was Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It was my ninth birthday and I’d just gotten my first DS! There was a special on where I could choose between a Barbie game or a DC game (I think it was a Batman one?) that came with the DS. But they had sold out of them all… *insert dramatic music* So, the kind sales assistant told me that I could pick out any game I’d like and they’d just subtract the $20 cost of the meant-to-be sold-with-the-DS games from the cost of the game I ended up buying – which was Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. I saw the back of the DS game case had Mickey Mouse on it, so obviously I was instantly interested. And then I read the catchy blurb on the back and became determined that this was the game I was getting.
    When I got home and started playing the game Axel and Roxas were the first characters featured, and they made a great impression. Axel has such a cool look: red hair styled into spikes, a black coat, clear green eyes and two stylish tattoos. And all the while, he was chilling with his friend as he went on about why the sun sets red and eating sea salt ice-cream. I immediately loved his character and playing games from more of the Kingdom Hearts series has only cemented this.

  1. Flynn Rider – Tangled

    is an awesome movie. I love all the characters in it, especially Flynn. He’s good-looking AND the comedy backbone of this film. His wit and humour had me laughing so much the first time I watched the movie and when he sacrificed himself for Rapunzel and I started crying, the five-year-old sitting next to me in the cinema began to give me concerned glances… *can’t continue because they’re beginning to sob too much*

  2. Dick Grayson – DC

    My first DC cartoon series that I was really into was The Batman and although I liked Dick, Barbra was my favourite so he got shadowed under the rug a lot.
    But a few months after The Batman was no longer airing, I then started watching Young Justice. A few episodes in and Dick and Wally were by far already my favourites.
    Dick was smart, funny and a bit quirky. And I loved watching the scenes he fought in! Then Young Justice: Invasion came around and he’d had a bit of a glo up which I definitely appreciated (as you can see above). He had also obviously matured, even though he did make mistakes, but was still the same guy. I was actually pretty disappointed that we barely ever got to see him out on the battlefield… He’s one of my favourite characters from the series to watch fight or train.

Now that we’ve reached the end of my list, here’s my seven nominees for this tag! 🙂

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P.S. I’m sorry if I’ve nominated you and you’ve already participated in this tag! I probably don’t know enough people to ensure that I don’t re-nominate you… I hear friends are something you find outside? Like, in the heat. Where pyjamas are not an acceptable attire. Where there’s sunlight. And dirt. And drop-bears. I mean, have you SEEN those things? Terrifying. Really, truly terrifying.

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you enjoyed it!!! Have a good day 🙂