“Going against the flow takes courage. I respect that” – Annie

  1. The storylines follow Annie and Mikasa

    Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 3.46.01 pm.png
    Need there be anymore reason?
  2. It gives a deeper understanding into the characters (especially Annie since we really didn’t get to see her all that much before she went into the crystal) and lets us learn more about their own stories. This works to kind of do a bit of ‘filling in the gaps’ about the Marleyan Warriors, Annie’s psyche and even a bit of how the Military Police works in Annie’s volume too

    Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 3.40.49 pm.png
    Annie’s such a great character
  3. But apart from learning a lot more about Annie, it also lets us meet some interesting characters and see a bit more of minor characters (like Hitch and Marlowe). It also introduces some things that happen later in AOT’s timeline – such as Reiner’s identity complex. And although we already knew that Reiner developed this as a way to cope, it makes it more believable and easier to understand his actions when we get to see how it was developing and actually see how it affects him more in different situations

    Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 3.39.46 pm
    My poor babies have been through so much
  4. All three volumes have their own interesting storylines

    Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 3.43.06 pm.png
    I’m so glad Isayama decided to write Lost Girls
  5. The music in the OVA is great! There’s female covers from some of the OSTs in the anime! 

    Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 3.44.01 pm
    Call Your Name is a beautiful song and I can’t really decide if I prefer the male or female version, so I’m just going to love them both
  6. It lets us all cry together! We can cry over Marco’s death along with Annie, Reiner and Bertholdt as they take Marco’s gear and watch him get eaten. And also cry over how Mikasa’s volume focuses upon her imagining what her world would have been like without Titans (meaning that her parents would still be alive too)

    Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 3.44.37 pm.png
  7. We get to see Annie’s hair down! And more of small Mikasa and Kenny (for some reason that I myself cannot tell, I do like Kenny’s character)!

    Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 3.42.31 pm.png
    I really wanted to see what Annie’s hair looked like down, and my wish has been granted
  8. The novels and manga are already completed, so you won’t have to wait forever in between the OVA releases if you don’t want to!

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    So for those who are impatient like me, you can binge read it!


“SATAN! WORSHIPS! MEEEEEEEE!” – Armin Arlert, 2014 (A Slap On Titan)

A Slap On Titan is a parody series created by Tom Andre on his YouTube channel tomandre. To date has 2 seasons, and it’s super creepy.

  1. The humour is so dark
    Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 11.00.38 pm.png
  2. And maybe it’s just by bad sense of humour, but this series is really funnyScreen Shot 2018-04-05 at 11.28.38 pm.png
  3. There are so many goddamn quotes! Every character is pretty much insane or just really dark or messed up or something of the like in this series, especially Armin. And I love it.
  4. The editing is really good! With the actual scenes, the voice overs and the music!Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 11.02.08 pm.png
  5. The parody narrative is interesting tooScreen Shot 2018-04-05 at 11.08.39 pm.png
  6. The voice actors are incredible!
    Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 11.03.31 pm.png
  7. Each episode is a bit less than 20 minutes long, so they’re easy to binge watch!Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 10.59.57 pm.png
  8. This series is also good to watch each episode as a stand alone. As long as you know what’s happening from the anime or manga, then you’re set to go ahead and watch whichever episode you want!
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“The only thing we’re allowed to do is to believe that we won’t regret the choice we made” – Levi

*Spoilers for Season 2 ahead*

  1. So in the first OP we can see the shot of Eren, Mikasa, Armin standing together. They all look at the ground (because obviously, these guys have been through a lot) but what’s interesting to note is that Armin faces away from Eren, reflecting how he often ends up alone thinking. Mikasa though turns to look up at Eren, reflecting how she always follows himScreen Shot 2018-03-29 at 11.55.23 pm.png
  2. Then, in the Jean version of first OP that we see in OVA 2, this same shot is used and Eren is just substituted out for Jean. Mikasa though doesn’t look up in this version and her head remains downwards. The general consensus is then that Armin is looking at Jean (so effectively Armin and Mikasa swap where they’re looking). It’s also been thought that when Jean turns his head, he is turning to face Mikasa.
    Though because this is my post I am going to jump right in here and say that I actually disagree with both of these statements (I know, it’s an unpopular opinion). Sure, screenshots can make it look like Jean and Armin are facing these ways… But every time I watch this OP I always think that Jean’s turning to face another spot of the ground. And yes, as much as my little Jearmin shipper heart would love Armin to be facing Jean, Armin honestly looks like he’s facing the ground in both OPs to me. The OPs just have some different filters in certain parts such as this one and this seems to have brightened up Armin’s eyes, specifically his pupils as they look white, in Jean’s OP… but that’s it)Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 11.57.16 pm.png
  3. There is so much in the first OP. The chains over the walls are meant to show how the walls provide protection, but also imprison humanity. The Survey Corps are shown to have a white-washed colour scheme and have very rigid still-shots when they’re shown, while the Titans shots are very erratic and have blood splayed over the screen. Then there’s the Survey Corps literally jumping into hell when they jump off the walls into Titan territoryScreen Shot 2018-03-29 at 11.58.01 pm.png
  4. In the OP2, Annie is featured with the other minor characters. However, she’s meant to be with the Military Police and not the Survey Corps… The shot also lingers on her as she turns away from everyone else, reflecting how she betrays them
    Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 11.58.36 pm.png
  5. The other characters shown in this same scene follow this same sort of ‘where I look determines where my loyalties lie’ thing. Jean, Sasha and Connie are shown to stare straight ahead. Then Ymir and Krista both linger, then close their eyes and turn back to face where Jean, Sasha and Connie where. However, Bertholdt and Reiner turn to face towards where Annie is, foreshadowing their betrayal
    Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 11.58.45 pm.png
  6. Armin’s mind is shown exactly how to work in the second OP. As blood rains down all around him, he stands there calmly. Then over his head we see a bunch of lit candles and as he shifts his focus onto something, all are put out but one – as he has tons of ideas running through his head, but then he shifts all of his focus upon only one
    Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 11.57.36 pm.png

Mother’s Basement – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBs2Y3i14e1NWQxOGliatmg
(His channel is really awesome! They have the best analysis for Ops and EDs! It’s so interesting to watch!)
Me (either through elaboration or editing what I didn’t fully agree with)


Levi sings. What more could you possibly want?!

  1. It’s so ridiculous that it’s great

    Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 11.15.35 pm.png

  2. They’re all so cute!

    Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 11.15.01 pm.png

  3. It’s honestly just a really self-indulgent way to spend your time

    Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 11.10.42 pm.png

  4. It’s surprising pretty funny! Though I suppose that it is a parody series and that should be expected from it then…

    Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 11.17.30 pm.png


    Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 11.22.06 pm.png

  6. They’re all so precious

    Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 11.22.15 pm.png

  7. It’s actually has a pretty good storyline… It easily holds your attention and is entertaining

    Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 11.08.12 pm

  8. Armin’s futon is a reason all on its own! My little baby’s so happy with his little futon!

    Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 11.07.40 pm.png

  9. Ymir is fantastic. She’s very clingy and tells Christa to marry her sooooo many times. They’re such a fun couple to watch throughout this series and I love it.

    Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 11.12.20 pm.png


Bless whoever’s soul decided to document these important, highly logical theories. They’re integral to the plot line of AOT, clearly. Also… *SPOILERS AHEAD*

Bless whoever’s soul decided to document these important, highly logical theories. They’re integral to the plot line of AOT, clearly. Also… *SPOILERS AHEAD*

  1. Armin knows everything???attack-on-titan-armin-arlert-1002475.jpg
    Proof/Literally just people throwing their ideas around about Armin being able to see into the future or something of the like:
    – Armin and the narrator share the same voice actor
    – IIf Armin already knew that Eren had the Attacker and the Founding Titans, then this is why Armin decided to befriend Eren before the Colossal Titan broke down the wall…It was because he knew that this friendship would come in handy for him when Eren saved his life in both Trost and Shiganshina
    – But what if how the battle in Shiganshina played out was exactly what Armin wanted to happen? If Armin already knew what was going to happen (by some telepathic means or something), then he knew that Erwin would die and that he could have the power of the Colossal Titan for himself. Is this what he wants?
    – Because this whole thing with Armin’s plans working pretty much perfectly (okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but STILL) like it did in Shiganshina is repeated multiple times throughout the series. I mean, that whole sequence that happened with Bertholdt worked out very well…
    – Or perhaps Armin only has the ability to see into the future at certain points in time? Like in situations of danger. Armin seems to lack some confidence but at crucial moments he seems to have moments where he can just plan some attack strategy and can take command with everything working out relatively well
  2. The curse of Ymir is just a conspiracy…tumblr_inline_ons2jvPxqg1urbs7y_540.png
    All of it – fake. Ymir Fritz made up the curse that shifters die after 13 years in order to prevent any shifter from becoming too powerful. This way, when a shifter is eaten by their successor, the Fritz/Reiss family would be able to determine who the next shifter is and keep the power of the Titans within within the family
  3. Reincarnation exists in the world of Attack on Titan (this theory is long but worth the read!)509288bd4e1fe6d24a36f6fa09a06e033e6f6686_hq.jpg
    At least one reincarnation line exists – and you can tell by their eyebrows. Erwin has a very strong eyebrow game and therefore this theory was created by whenparadisefalls:
    “The Sign of the Origin of the Superbeing known as Erwin Smith is obviously his Eyebrows, which shall henceforth be known as the Progenitor. The Progenitor goes by many names and takes many forms, but has chosen the form of thick, luscious eyebrows for the past millennia. The first inheritor of the Progenitor was none other than Ymir Fritz, who was blessed with much wisdom, knowledge and power. Many wondered at the source of these blessings, when they were clearly on her face the entire time.
    The eyes are the windows to the soul, after all, and if that is true then they eyebrows are the window frames that colour our perceptions. A perfect disguise, genius in application, yet subtle enough that the current holder of the Progenitor is able to live freely in society.
    Even from this great distance we can sense the greatness coming from plucked perfection.
    Some believe the luxurious blonde locks of the Origin of all Organic Species was the source of the Eyebrow Form.
    Many believe the Progenitor disappeared after Ymir Fritz died, but her bonding with it allows her to be continuously reincarnated into those deemed worthy, granting them various powers and blessings. When our story begins, it rests with none other than our Erwin Smith.
    The eyebrows are a classic sign. Other signals of reincarnation include:
    Accidentally modelling
    Experiencing weird, creepy visions
    and giving a damn good speech.
    These all grant the Progenitor power- the bigger the eyebrows, the stronger the Progenitor.
    When Erwin Smith departed this world, Ymir Fritz and her eyebrows were reincarnated into Armin Arlert, who had been showing signs of potential as the story progressed, with his
    Accidental modelling
    Giving a damn good speech
    and now having weird, creepy visions.
    We don’t know what he looks like in the four years since we last saw him, but chances are his eyebrows have grown more than his hair. We also know Ymir Fritz and the Progenitor was reincarnated into him because of this dialogue:
    Is it possible that Levi knows more about this process than he lets on? It may be wise to keep an eye on him as we move forward. After all, he was devoted to the previous Holder.  Perhaps one day, all of Eldia will accept Armin as their Eyebrow Overlord, blessed with the Progenitor Eyebrows and the knowledge that he is the next step of the Progenitor Cycle that has continued uninterrupted for nearly 2000 years”
  4. Ymir isn’t dead!Ymir_anime_character_image.png
    It’s been theorised that a shifter who’s eaten doesn’t completely die. In fact, they can still influence the person who ate them (sort of like how the will of the First King guides his successors…) – mainly through memory inheritance. Specifically, Marley Titan researches have found that memory inheritance is strongest between shifter and successor when they have blood ties. However, Porco has been shown to have inherited some of Ymir’s memories but none of Marcel’s… But Ymir has no blood ties to Porco? And Marcel and Porco were brothers?
    MAYBE it’s because Ymir actually inherited Porco’s memories because when she was eaten, she used her overwhelming ability to be determined to live for herself to win some internal battle that happens between shifter and successor to take control of the successor’s body – which Ymir won. So she’s been in control of Porco’s body ever since and has access to his memories… Which explains why both Porco and Ymir both are blunt, cynical, like to pick on Reiner and like to contemplate the relationship between selfishness and heroism. It’s because the whole time it’s been Ymir.
    And why hasn’t anyone noticed that Ymir is controlling Porco’s body? Well, it’s because Ymir is a habitual liar, and with access to Porco’s memories, this sort of facade would be pretty easy for her to pull off
  5. The Ackermans are by-products of genetically modified fishScreen Shot 2018-02-01 at 9.35.17 pm.png
    So, we all know that the Ackermans are said to be a byproduct of Titan science – meaning that they’re genetically modified humans. This crack theory proposes that the Ackermans are non-Eldians who underwent Titan serum injection experiments, just like the AquAdvantage salmon did…
    This genetically modified fish is able to grow all year-round instead of only during the warmer months. Scientists altered this trait to increase the fish’s speed, improve their heart rate and increase their size (the AquAdventage fish grows to its market size in a year and a half rather than three years).
    Sooooooo here’s the similarities that people have come up with between these genetically modified salmon and the Ackermans: the salmon is big, while the Acerkmans weigh a lot more than most of the other soldiers (it’s a tribute to their muscles tbh). The salmon grow incredibly fast, while the Acerkmans heal a lot faster than normal humans do (they have an insanely fast metabolism compared to normal humans which is why their injuries heal so quickly – their bodies easily replace damaged body cells with new ones. This also apparently explains why when Mikasa didn’t eat in Chapter 89, she seemed to rapidly loose weight?)
  6. Armin has a much more complicated backstory that we’ve been told – because his family name Reiss-Fritz-Galliard-Reeves-Braun-Ackerman-Tybur-Yeager-ArlertArmin_Arlelt_845.png
    Armin is related to at least, or even multiple, families of characters in Attack on Titan. We were never present with any of Armin’s relatives (except for his grandfather in the anime) so this gives lots of room left for speculation… So here’s all the families that Armin could be connected to:
    Reiss/Fritz family – Armin looks a lot like Uri Reiss. They have the practically all the same features! Uri and Armin could have passed for father and son if they wanted to
    Ackerman family – Did Uri have a secret agenda? After all, Armin wasn’t taken out by Rod like the rest of the Reiss children. So could Uri have left Armin with Kenny, or somehow had Armin with Kenny (genetic modification, surrogacy, something?) – which would explain in Chapter 83 how Armin is able to survive everything, even when he was barely staying alive despite that fact that his body probably should have had already given out… Because like an Ackerman, he can survive much harsher circumstances physically than normal humans? But Armin’s Reiss blood is unfortunately stopping him from unlocking his full Ackerman potential…
    Reeves, Galliard, Yeager and Braun families – Armin shares similar eyes and a nose with features specific to these four families. So if Uri did have some agenda to do with Armin, is it possible that he fused some of these families’ bloods with Armin’s? Or maybe the Reiss family had even decided to imprint some of their own features onto other bloodlines of the same continent (as a show of dominance perhaps?)
    Hoover family – Maybe Armin inheriting Bertholdt will help him sort out some of his family history? Marley researches had determined that memory inheritance works better in shifters who share the same bloodline. And this would explain why Armin found Bertholdt’s memories so strongly when he saw the ocean – because Bertholdt was crying when he sailed to Paradis and this impacted Armin