5 Facts to Know About Ryuko Tatsuma

  1. Ryuko’s birthday is September 22, she is aged 26, she’s 166cm tall, her blood type is A, and she was born in Okinawa. Ryuko is also said to love shiny things (most likely a reference to the tales of dragons having hordes of gold and gems).
  2. Ryuko’s name contains the kyujitai and shinjitai versions of the same character, meaning ‘dragon’ 竜 (tatsu) and 龍 (ryū). The ‘kyu’ in her Hero name also sounds like the Japanese word for the number nine, which was her former rank.
  3. Ryuko is currently the second-highest ranking female Pro Hero in Japan (she was ranked 9 but then dropped to 10, and is second to Mirko who is ranked 6 and therefore the highest ranking female Pro Hero in Japan).
  4. Ryuko’s English voice actor, Katelyn Barr, also voiced Mika Jiro and Cow Lady.
  5. Ryuko’s stats according ot the Ultra Analysis Book are:
    Power 5/6 (A)
    Speed 4/6 (B)
    Technique 4/6 (B)
    Intelligence 5/6 (A)
    Care-taking 5/6 (A)

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What’s the Worst Anime Beginning You’ve Seen?

First impressions can really be make or break for some people – with some willing to watch a few episodes before dropping an anime and others not wanting to gruel through an hour before a series gets better.

An anime that many fans seem to think starts of slowly is Steins; Gate – where there’s a lot of talk that’s hard to follow and not that much happening. People say it’s really not until approximately half way through the series that the pace picks up and the series gets amazing. The consensus seems to be that it’s good that the characters are built up since the second half of the series is fast-paced and twist-filled, but it was kind of boring to get through the first half.

What’s the worst first arc that you’ve seen?

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5 Facts to Know About Tokyo Revengers

  1. Tokyo Revengers is a manga series written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. It has been serialised in Weekly Shonen Magazine since March 2017. There is also a live-action adaption released in Japan in July 2021 and a stage play that ran from August 6 to August 22, 2021 in Tokyo, Osaka and Kanagawa. There is also a series of anime shorts featuring chibi versions of the Tokyo Revengers characters called ChibiReeve (Chibi Revengers) produced by Studio Puyukai which began airing April 2021.
  2. The series now also has an anime series adaption by Linden Films that started airing April 2021. It is directed by Koichi Hatsumi, features scripts by Yasuyuki Mutō, character designs by Keiko Ōta, sound direction by Satoki Iida and music composed by Hiroaki Tsutsumi. The series aired on MBS. The opening theme is called ‘Cry Baby’ by Official Hige Dandism and the ending is called ‘Take a Breath Here’ by eill. The second ending is called ‘Tokyo Wonder’ by Nakimushi.
  3. In February 2020, the manga had over 3 million copies in circulation. In May 2021, the manga had 17 million copies in circulation. In June 2021, the manga had over 20 million copies in circulation. In July 2021, it had over 25 million copies in circulation. And as of August 2021, the manga has over 35 million copies in circulation. This makes Tokyo Revengers the third best-selling manga series in the first half of 2021 (with Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen being the top 2 selling manga).
  4. The manga won the 44th Kodansha Manga Award for the Shonen category in 2020.
  5. In 2021, the Western localised versions of the anime censored the Buddhist manji swastika – the symbol used by the Tokyo Manji Gang. This was done in order to avoid potential controversy that may arise from confusion between the Buddhist manji swastika and the similar-looking Nazi swastika.

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5 Facts to Know About Kai Chisaki

  1. In flashbacks Overhaul as a child is voiced by Caitlin Glass in the dub, who also voices Mina Ashido.
  2. Overhaul was only labelled as a B-rank Villain.
  3. Overhaul’s surname contains the symbols for ‘govern, regulate, administer’ (() chi), ‘promontory, cape, spit’ ((さき)saki). His first name contains the symbols for ‘revolve, return, curving’ ((かい)kai).
  4. Overhaul is only one out of two villains named after their Quirk – the other being All for One.
  5. Although Overhaul has been shown to have many symptoms of different mental illnesses and in the anime is shown to break out in hives whenever his mysophobia is triggered, he has never been canonically diagnosed within the series.

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What’s Your Favourite Studio Ghibli Movie?

Our ‘favourites’ are often dictated by what we have an emotional connection to. It’s a complex idea that doesn’t have much explanation – but really the idea is that something that aligns with our tastes and has the most emotional impact upon us is our favourite of something.

My favourite Studio Ghibli movie is Howl’s Moving Castle. I think this is because it was the first I ever saw, I find Sophie relatable, and think it’s a story line and world that I love, and just has a lot that I really like in it.

What’s your favourite Studio Ghibli movie, and why?

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What’s the Best Ending in an Anime?

A good ending leaves us satisfied. Instead of walking away with questions, confusion, or annoyance about loose ends that weren’t tied up, character arcs that weren’t completed or thrown away or poor writing – a great ending completes our watching experience.

Anime with multiple seasons have a habit of showing a time-skip in a series at the ending, which can be quite annoying since it’s often a bit random seeming (since we’re missing approximately 5+ years of context, relationships, growth, and more).

An ending that comes to mind for me when thinking about this topic is Death Parade’s. It was emotional to learn about Chiyuki’s story and the beautiful scene where she gets to stake with an audience and says good-bye to everyone is a beautiful ending for the series.

Do you have a favourite ending? Why is it your favourite?

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What Anime do You Want a Remake Of?

When adapting a manga (or video game) into an anime series there’s a lot that goes into the adaption. The major issues that usually arise include pacing, cutting or changing arcs, or changing the ending.

Examples that come to mind is how the Fullmetal Alchemist adaption was poorly received, and then was re-adapted into Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood which is well-loved. Tokyo Ghoul Root A changed the events of the series to a new, weaker story line. This made the story confusing for viewers as in RE: the anime cut arcs, fully changed them, completed arcs out of order, and diverted back to the manga story line – making the series’ events more confusing for viewers than necessary. The Promised Neverland season 2 was just a train-wreck – going through 38 chapters within 12 episodes in the first season, then rushing through 143 chapters within 11 episodes in the second season to finish off the anime. Why this happened is a mystery to everyone – as the manga was popular and so was season 1 and why say yes to an anime adaption if you’re just going to butcher it as the mangaka? Especially with how much many they could of made? Or why not at least make a public statement about it all and its production?

I think that a Tokyo Ghoul remake would also allow for a more fleshed-out ending, as the mangaka themself had said that they were rushing to finish the series since they wanted it done. Remaking The Promised Neverland would actually give the manga justice.

But what series do you want to see a remake of? Do you think people should even ask for remakes of a series?

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5 Facts to Know About Jin Bubaigawara

  1. Twice’s birthday is May 10, he is 178cm, and smokes cigarettes.
  2. Twice’s preliminary design was very similar to his current – the main difference being that his costume has four eye openings instead of two.
  3. Twice is currently the villain who had the quickest raise in villain ranking – moving from C to S in just a few months. He is only the only lieutenant of the PLF to be an S-ranked villain.
  4. Twice’s surname is pronounced and written the same as a train station in Tokyo (it is jointly run by two separate railroad stations). The kanji used in his first name ‘仁’ is also similar to the kanji for the number two ‘二.’
  5. According to his Volume 24 profile, Twice’s costume was specially ordered by Giran. It was designed to be ‘tough yet easy on the skin.’ Since Twice is unable to hold together a normal life and income, and lost all the money he stole, the costume cost more than anything he could afford himself. Giran ended up putting the costume on his tab, but still demanded his intermediary fee as a broker.

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My Favourite Anime Make-Up Looks

A lot of anime characters don’t wear make-up. And fair enough! It’s a lot of work for the studio! I would do the same.

But sometimes there are characters that make-up, usually consisting of eyeliner, eyeshadow and/or lipstick. Some characters have eyeliner as part of their ‘natural’ design because they’re not human too – but I count it as make-up because it can be easily replicated my someone if they wanted to.

Some examples of my favourite make-up looks are below – mostly warm coloured eyeliner!

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What’s the Best Guilty Pleasure Anime?

I feel like guilty pleasure anime would be considered fan-service filled anime or anime that are popularly disliked. Ones that come to mind include Sword Art Online or Food Wars. After all, guilty pleasures are pleasures we feel ‘guilty’ about.

A series that popped up multiple times when I was looking up ‘guilty pleasure anime’ online was Keijo. It was ranked quite highly too in this category! Keijo is an anime series based upon the manga of the same name. The series is set in an alternative reality where a new, women-only gambling sport known as ‘keijo’ has quickly become a trend in Japan. ‘Keijo’ matches are conducted on floating platforms known as ‘Land’ in a swimming pool stadium. Players aim to push their opponents into the water using their breasts or butts. The story follows Nozomi Kaminashi, an Olympic athlete, who becomes a player to win the high earnings the game offers. While participating, Kaminashi defeats her opponents and learns about the ways to fame and fortune in a new sport with more challenges that she could have ever imagined.

What’s your favourite guilty pleasure anime? Have you seen Keijo, did you like it?

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