Don’t Like the Content? Mute or Block

It’s strange to me when people complain about seeing ships they don’t like on their timeline or headcanons they don’t like. Just mute or block the account? There’s no hard feelings – if anything they’d rather prefer you to not interact with their content if you’re going to bring negativity to them. Artists and writers work hard on what they do and don’t deserve to have negative comments or threats sent to them. Muting and blocking takes two seconds and is super easy to do! I think it’s a great idea!

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Author: thespookyredhead

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13 thoughts on “Don’t Like the Content? Mute or Block”

  1. Totally! There’s nothing wrong with muting content that you don’t want to see, and it’s kind of important to do that so the algorithm on whatever platform your using knows what you do and don’t like, so it won’t recommend content that you don’t want to see.

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    1. It’s so sad to see people bash on ships or artists or writers just because they don’t like the type of content 😦 Especially when it comes to tagged content I feel – it says in the tag what you’re about to see? So why interact with it?

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  2. I completely agree. There’s a ship that I hated from a book series I used to love and muting was the best decision. Everyone is different, so it’s natural that people will have different ships and things that they will gravitate towards more than others. I never saw the reason to hate one over the other (excluding paedophilic things). If you feel so strongly, remove yourself from that content. Boom, issue resolved. 🙂 I wish more people talked about it being okay to mute and block things in fandoms that they don’t care for. It’s always looked at with a negative lens, but it can be such a necessary thing.

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    1. It’s definitely okay! There was a ship that I didn’t like that much but didn’t mind – but it started for some reason blowing up in popularity and taking over all of my feeds. I muted all the main tags because doing so helped me start to see people I follow’s likes and posts again! Algorithims’ deep learning codes and training sets are trying to keep us on the platform for longer – so tell it what you like if you can help change your experience 😀


      1. I hear you right there. Arguing about ships is such a shallow thing, but it’s not the only topic that grinds my gears. Recently, Netflix announced that they’re going to make a My Hero Academia live-action remake movie and Disney fans are calling that let alone the anime franchise a Sky High ripoff. Yeah, because Mickey Mouse has never used similar concepts from anime before for their movies! Hypocrisy, much?

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      2. Wow! I had no idea that was going on atm – it’s definitely not a new concept, and their stories, worlds and characters and designs are very different anyway! I don’t think a live-action series of MHA will go down well with the MHA fan base anyway since they’re already pretty wild and divided about the anime and manga on certain topics, and the musicals are only really enjoyed for their humour…

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      3. Yeah, and it’s ridiculous. The live-action remake train is getting insane between anime and Hollywood in general. The MHA fans didn’t want this to happen which I understand. Thank you for pointing out how this isn’t a new concept! The same people talking about Sky High coming out first and bashing MHA are the same people who freak out and make a million excuses if you bring up Kimba the White Lion and/or Nadia: Secret of Blue Water to them. That’s totally not hypocritical (sarcasm mode engage). Wait, MHA musicals exist?!? Whaaaat?!?

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