Why Do Studios Make Anime That Are Bad?

mars of descruction

There are many amazing anime out there. But there is equally the same amount of mediocre or bad anime. It makes you wonder – why do bad anime get green-lit to be made?

It takes a lot of effort after all to make an anime. There’s (sometimes) royalties, scripts, budgeting, directing, animating, producing, voice acting, editing, and so much more. With so much going into making an anime, why would people bother to put so much effort into something they know will flop commercially? It’ll just be a waste of money. For companies they’re lucky they’ll break even or at worse, go into debt. For staff members, they can be lumped into the idea that they ‘helped make’ a ‘bad’ quality’ series even if they have no say.

So to answer for the question – it seems that these anime are made because of poor planning and communication. The original script is not what is made. A script/pitch is brought before many different people who have their own ideas and own power within the production. Each department having a different budget and ideas and communication channels effects how well something ends up.

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