What’s Your Favourite Studio Ghibli Movie?

howl's moving castle

Our ‘favourites’ are often dictated by what we have an emotional connection to. It’s a complex idea that doesn’t have much explanation – but really the idea is that something that aligns with our tastes and has the most emotional impact upon us is our favourite of something.

My favourite Studio Ghibli movie is Howl’s Moving Castle. I think this is because it was the first I ever saw, I find Sophie relatable, and think it’s a story line and world that I love, and just has a lot that I really like in it.

What’s your favourite Studio Ghibli movie, and why?

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10 thoughts on “What’s Your Favourite Studio Ghibli Movie?”

  1. Princess Mononoke. The first one I ever saw, and it struck something deep in my soul.

    My best friend’s favorite is Porco Rosso. Not the first one he saw (I know, because I showed him all of them), but it struck him as Princess Mononoke struck me.

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    1. Ahh I love Princess Mononoke – something about the animation as well with the forestry scenes scenes is just impossible to not be enthralled by!

      I feel like Porco Rosso’s combination of characters, setting, and magic realism is an interesting choice! The movie gives me the vibe of ‘not the most popular choice, but a great choice artistically’ if that makes sense!

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  2. Hmm, there are so many Ghibli films that I like it’s hard to pick out one. I think my top 3 are Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away, and Kiki’s Delivery Service. After watching Howl’s Moving Castle for the first time, I found out that it was based on a novel. And the novel is really good! The novel actually explains Howl’s background! Such a fun read, I highly recommend it!

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    1. What great choices! Ahhh the novel is so interesting!! It expands on so much and reading it then watching the movie is so cool as you see what choices they made to adapt into the movie, what parts were left out, what is kind of implied, etc. Howl’s also so dramatic lol

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    1. I love Kiki’s Delivery Service! I watched it first when I was maybe 14ish? And I had no idea thematically what was going on so re-watching was a great decision lol. I love that Ursula really encapsulates so much meaning about artistry and passion in a relatively short period 😀

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  3. No movie has emotionally affected my like Grave of the Fireflies. It knew exactly how to get to me. I’m weak to stories of poverty and individuals taking care of kids. It also introduced me to Isao Takahata who I now much prefer to Miyazaki.

    My second would be another Takahata film, Only Yesterday, and my third would be Whisper of the Heart. It would have been The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (another Takahata film and what I consider the greatest animated film ever) but Whisper of the Heart has a Japanese cover of Country Roads, Take Me Home which is tough to beat.

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    1. Grave of the Fireflies is so harrowing – I tried like 2 minutes in and didn’t stop until an hour after 😅

      Ahhh Only Yesterday is so underrated!! Maybe because it isn’t set in a magically realist world like other Ghibli film?? I think it’s wonderful though to watch Taeko reflect though on her life, especially as an unmarried woman in Tokyo, and the highlighted difference between the city and countryside and expectations she’s met with. I also think for adults the movie is a lot more interesting since the self-reflection upon childhood and teenage years would resonate a lot more with the audience, and how it asks us to question if the life we’re living is what we want, and to reflect upon how we made the choices and what we experienced to reach the point we are at now, and reflect upon our past selves vs current and our dreams.

      Whisper of the Heart is also such a good coming of age movie – it really just embodies the idea of the genre with regards to the joy of self-discovery in youth and young love.

      Princess Kaguya’s animation is so pretty!!! I have no idea how they made the movie look like a sketchy-type water colour but it’s so well-fitting with its story and setting!

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