5 Facts to Know About Hagakure Toru

Hagakure Toru
  1. While we don’t know what Hagakure looks like, she claims that she looks like a cross between Yang Guifei and Francis Xavier.
  2. Toru’s favourite food is caramel, her favourite thing is dokkiri (hidden camera surprise) shows, she’s 152cm tall, her blood type is A, her birthday is June 16th, and she was born in Tokyo.
  3. Hirokoshi has said that like Asui, Hagakure was originally designed to be a man but was changed to be a girl due to the lack of female students he had at the time. Originally, Hagakure’s costume was also more than just her gloves and boots. She had a type of mask on with a smiling face on it, and her gloves were also meant to have mirror-like objects tied to them.
  4. Hagakure’s surname has the kanji for ‘leaf’ (葉 ha) and ‘to disappear’ (隠 gakure), so when it’s read as one word it’s ‘hidden in leaves.’ Her first name contains the kanji for ‘transparent’ (透 tōru).
  5. Her stats according to the Ultra Archive are:
    Power 2/5 (D)
    Speed 3/5 (C)
    Technique 4/5 (B)
    Intelligence 4/5 (B)
    Cooperativeness 5/5 (A)
    Her stats according to the Ultra Analysis are:
    Power 2/6 (D)
    Speed 3/6 (C)
    Technique 5/6 (A)
    Intelligence 4/6 (B)
    Invisibility 6/6 (S)

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