5 Facts to Know About Lady Nagant

  1. Lady Nagant’s alias is assumed to be a reference to the Mosin-Nagant, a military rifle that was first developed in the late 1800s and is still used in conflicts today.
  2. Lady Nagant’s prison number was 656698, and her real name is Kaina Tsutsumi.
  3. Lady Nagant is Japan’s best long-range fighter. Her Quirks are ‘Rifle’ which allows her to shape her hair into a substance like epoxy putty that she can make into different kinds of bullets. Her right arm shapes into a sniper rifle so she can fire the bullets from her own body. All for One also gave her the Quirk ‘Air Walk’ that lets her levitation and therefore walk in the air. She also seems to have superhuman eyesight – being able to hit targets from up to 3km away, including in the dark or in heavy rainfall.
  4. Hirokoshi has said that her skill in curving bullets was directly inspired from Fox (Angelina Jolie) in the film ‘Wanted.’
  5. Lady Nagant likes pretty and cute things.

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Author: thespookyredhead

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