How I Keep Track of My Manga Collection


I have… quite a lot of manga. When at the shops I’m always scared about doubling up so I recently started up an Excel sheet to keep track of my manga.

And it’s been working well! It’s helpful especially to see what I may have already ordered and am waiting on, and my boyfriend can easily tell me which ones I should avoid buying (due to someone getting them as a present for me).

The manga that I’m reading as I collect the volumes as they come out include:

Black Torch – which I really like so far! I love the main character and his dynamic with the mononoke he’s tied with. They’re funny, prettyily drawn and I love a good action and fantasy story!

Jujutsu Kaisen – obviously.

Fire Punch – honestly I started this manga just because the covers are really pretty.

The Witch and the Beast – I randomly found this one and it’s a hidden gem! The art is beautiful and the story world and characters are super interesting. My only wish was that it got to be longer.

Blue Period – I started this manga around the same time the anime started which works well to keep myself engaged.

My Hero Academia – again, obviously.

The Way of the Househusband – the best ex-yakuza househusband and wife combo.

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2 thoughts on “How I Keep Track of My Manga Collection”

  1. I just use my AniList. I have doubled up on volumes in the past though but that’s mostly because I’m too lazy to check my list or bookshelves.
    On another note. I’m currently waiting on the 8th volume of the Witch and the Beast. It’s a great series. I’m not sure what you mean by wishing that it got to be longer, to my knowledge it’s still releasing in Japan so it could get to be very long.

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    1. Oooh AniList is a good idea, especially since you can keep track of manga chapters then too online.
      Oooh that’s awesome to know! When I was trying to find out how long it was the websites I was looking at said it was only 8 volumes long and that would be the last hahah Thanks for letting me know :))

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