My Hero Academia: Manga or Anime?


The eternal debates of anime seem to be sub or dub, and manga or anime?

For a series such as My Hero Academia, which is an insanely popular series, I thought it would be fun to see what others prefer.

There’s quite a bit I like about the anime. The voice acting is very impressive! Seeing the character brought to life with the yelling, crying, chatting in emotional scenes is something I enjoy watching. I also like My Hero Academia’s animated fights because (particularly further into the anime) the ‘camera’ follows the characters as they use their quirk at a fast-paced. This is particularly cool for those with aerial quirks.

However, I prefer the manga. Hirokoshi’s art is amazing! It’s a great style – the characters are boldly outlined, the lighting is dramatic and I like the horror elements in his style. I also like that the manga is more fleshed outed out than the anime, which is constrained with its time limit, resources and budget. The manga is also not censored compared to the anime, so that is an added bonus to reading it as well.

But what do you think? Do you like the My Hero Academia manga or anime?

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2 thoughts on “My Hero Academia: Manga or Anime?”

  1. I’ve only got as far as the Overhaul arc in the manga, but I enjoyed it so much more than the anime.

    I do love the big fights in the anime though. They’re pretty spectacular, but you do get much more information in the manga.

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