5 Facts to Know About Mei Hatsume

1. Mei’s birthday is 18 April, her height is 157cm, her blood type is O, her favourite food is chocolate, and she was born in the Kyoto Prefecture.

2. Mei was originally going to be male. In the chapter 35 notes Hirokoshi said, “As first, she was going to be a guy, but then I thought it’d be more interesting if I made her a girl. I did the gender swap thing a lot, didn’t I?”

3. It’s suggested that Mei likes the steampunk style, as evidenced by the support items she makes.

4. Mei’s name comes from the words ‘invention’ (発明 hatsumei) and ‘eyes’ (目 me) (but the second and third kanji have switched positions).

5. Mei’s stats according to the Ultra Archive are:
Power 1/5 (E)
Speed 1/5 (E)
Technique 3/5 (C)
Intelligence 5/5 (A)
Cooperativeness 2/5 (D)
Her stats according to the Ultra Analysis are:
Power 1/6 (E)
Speed 1/6 (E)
Technique 4/6 (B)
Intelligence 5/6 (A)
Motivation for Inventions 6/6 (S+)

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