My Favourite Plot Twist in Anime

Plot twists are always fun when they’re done right. One of my favourite plot twists I’ve seen in an anime is from Yuri on Ice!!! I wasn’t expecting an actual, legit, fully fledged plot twist in Episode 10 (out of a 12 episode series).

What I love about this plot twist is that it answers many questions about why Victor so quickly went to Japan to coach Yuri. This reveal had been set up with Victor’s strange behaviour at the start of the series. Initially, Victor’s odd over-affection and comments were put down to his aloof personality but with this plot twist revealed it shows that he probably was confused by Yuri’s nervousness and reservation.

The plot twist also encourages viewers to re-watch the series to see where this plot twist has been hinted at because it initially appeared so surprising to see. While your first watch is through Yuri’s point of view, watching the second time knowing about this plot twist you can see the series through Victor’s point of view.

Do you have a favourite plot twist in an anime you’ve seen? And if you’ve seen Yuri on Ice!!! what did you think of this reveal?

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