5 Facts to Know About Rumi Usagiyama

1. Mirko’s birthday is March 1st, she likes carrots, she’s 159cm tall, her blood type is O, and she was born in Hiroshima.

2. Mirko is currently the highest ranked female Pro Hero in Japan, ranked at No. 5.

3. Mirko’s hero name is said to have been inspired by the former professional fighter Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipovic. Her rabbit-likeness and birthday in March is also thought to have maybe been a reference to the March Hare form Alice in Wonderland. The moon on her chest, her special move involving the word ‘luna’ and her rabbit-like design is also thought to maybe be a reference to the Tales of the Moon Rabbit.

4. Mirko is one of two top Pro Hereos who have been confirmed to have not gone to U.A. High School (the other is Hawks who was scouted for private hero education). Instead, she attended a hero school in Hiroshima.

5. Mirko’s surname contains the kanji for ‘rabbit’ (兎 usagi) and ‘mountai’ (山 yama). Interestingly, her first name Rumi is written in katakana and therefore has no kanji reading (ルミ rumi).

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