What’s Your Favourite Anime Cliche?

Anime has cliches. It’s just a fact.

There’s cliches like nose bleeds, dead mums, the protagonists having vastly different coloured and styled hair than other characters, glowing when you power up, tripping and falling into someone, and more.

I think my favourites are sneezing when someone thinks of you. It’s just cute to have a little cut scene to someone sneezing then going back to the topic.

I also quite like what Jujutsu Kaisen did with the ‘screaming your attacks’ trope. Usually it’s a trope used so viewers know what’s going on – although it doesn’t make much point for the characters to do so in their storyworld. That’s why I like how Jujutsu Kaisen made this trope make sense. For Jujutsu Sorcerers they partake in a contract where their technique becomes more effective if they explain it to their opponent!

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Author: thespookyredhead

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4 thoughts on “What’s Your Favourite Anime Cliche?”

  1. I like the cliche childhood/best friend trope where one of the side characters really likes the protagonist, but is doomed to never end up with them. I’ve found even series that aren’t romances sometimes have this element.

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    1. Ahh it’s such an angsty cliche! It’s so much hurt when they don’t end up with them (even if they’re not meant to be!) and there’s so much tension!! That’s such a good choice 🙂


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