Alice in Borderland: A World of Terrifying Games

Alice in Borderland is a manga written and illustrated by Haro Aso. It ran from 25 November 2010 to 25 March 2015 in Shogakukan’s Shonen Sunday S magazine and then moved to Weekly Shonen Sunday from 8 April 2015. It finished on 2 March 2016.

Netflix has made a Japanese live-action of the manga – consisting of 8 episodes all 40-50 minutes long.

I like this series because it’s so terrifying. It’s bizarre to see Tokyo so empty. The lack of knowledge about the game world is scary. The games are bloody, gory, draining, everything.

There are four types of games: Clubs (teamwork), Hearts (psychology), Diamonds (intelligence) and Spades (physical strength). Having different types of games makes it so much harder for players. You could be smart but lack stamina. You could be ruthless but lack teamwork. The odds are not likely to be in your favour in these games.

Having different levels of difficulty does make the games more stressful as well. Since you can’t choose which game you go into it adds a level of stress and tension. Showing up to a game to see a 3 of Clubs means an easier teamwork game! But an 8 of Hearts means you are going to go through some form of mental torture.

It’s interesting too that you HAVE to partake in these games. Your visa to stay in this world expires if you don’t play the game – since winning games is how you add days to your visa. It’s scary that there’s no way for players to get out of the game, and that you can choose to keep playing and surviving or give up and get shot down from a laser in the sky.

Having dealers in the games makes this world again, scarier. Dealers are the people who plan the games and were also dragged into this world like the players. For dealers to earn days to their visa they need people to die in the games they plan. They add a day to their visa per person who dies in their game. Dealers can also set up games where someone might have to die in order for the players to win the game.

Players die if they lose in this world, and dealers die if players win in this world.

Having such engaging and tense games makes this series so bingeable!

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