My Anime Figures!

I bought my first actual anime figures recently! Look how cute they are! I absolutely love them.

I got an Amajiki one and his cloak looks really cool. You can’t really tell from this photo but it flows up and down and has his nice little details on his food and hero costume. He was pretty well-priced too which is even better.

I got a black and white Kirishima figure as well, who was pretty well-priced too. He also has the little details like the rips in his pants and his head gear is such a nice part of his hero costume.

What do you guys think about anime figures? Do you have any?

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Author: thespookyredhead

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11 thoughts on “My Anime Figures!”

    1. Ahh that is so true! I’m trying to avoid buying too many by saving them as very special ‘treats.’

      I got Amajiki as a present for myself for mustering up the assertiveness to resign from my part-time job of three years that I felt really guilty about leaving 😬 And Kirishima I got as a present because I got the part-time job that I really, really, really wanted! Hopefully this helps me avoid that rabbit hole you mentioned…

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  1. They look great! The details are really nice too. I usually get the chibi versions of character figures so mine don’t tend to have all those pretty details. Maybe I should get some realistic ones too?

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