Burning Kabaddi: A Standard and Fun Sports Anime

I finished Burning Kabaddi the other day and I enjoyed it. I liked learning about kabaddi and liked the comedy in the show!

What I like about what this series does, is that it introduces to the world of kabaddi to us via a surrogate character – Yoigoshi. He’s never played kabaddi before so we have to learn the rules and strategies as we go with him. This also allows us to be introduced to lots of new and fun characters, including rivals, with him.

It’s helpful as well that Yoigoshi is actually a highly skilled national level soccer player. Because he’s already so natural at sports we jump straight into him learning and progressing with his team. As an experienced sportsman, he also has a good attitude towards criticism and performs very well under pressure.

A nice way that this anime introduces the importance of teamwork is by making use of Yoigoshi’s history. Yoigoshi had bad experiences with his soccer team. This contextualizes his current day attitudes towards disliking teamwork and relying on others, but allows his team to see where they can help him improve his mentality and grow.

The animation as well is pretty good and I love how their comedy scenes boldly outline the characters – it makes them look so cute. The series also follows the standard sports anime plot format so it’s easy to follow and works well (as they say, if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it!).

The story is pretty well paced with characters’ development (which obviously isn’t the point of this series, but has enough that it’s okay) and the games go at a nice pace that highlight tension and emotions. The characters have their own personalities and pasts too which makes it easier to get invested in them and their development. I also like how early on in the series characters’ roles in their teams are established, and how the series hints at we’re they’re going (e.g. who will be the next team captain).

Overall, I liked the show! It was fun to watch and engaging!

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