Pin Collection Update!

I started a pin collection a few months ago. I’ve put them on a cork board and I absolutely love it!

My collection currently consists of:

A pride night sky triangle pin by one of Let’s Go Akamaru’s co-founders.

Shinso and Aizawa head pins, and a Bakugou and Todoroki side profile pins by Redemsi.

A keyblade Dabi inspired pin I got from ShinnoyumeShop.

A Spirited Away soot sprite pin I bought from a local artist back in 2017 at a convention.

A Hawks pin that was a gift given to me.

A Howl’s Moving Castle pin from rioandblue.

A Kenma time-skip pin by kyupins.

Amajiki, Hawks and Aizawa pins which I unfortunately can’t find the artist of.

Do you guys have any pins? If so, which are your favourites?

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Author: thespookyredhead

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9 thoughts on “Pin Collection Update!”

  1. Looks like a cool collection. I do have a decent amount of pins and badges, but most of them aren’t anime related. Some that are anime-themed that I own involve Kurapika from Hunter X Hunter and Kimba the White Lion. Most of my stuff involves music, some events, flags, and indie BritWres.

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    1. Oooh that’s so cool! Do you display them in themes then? Collecting pins from events seems like such a good idea too since they’re a smaller item than something like a mug that might be harder to find storage for 🤔

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      1. Thanks! I do have a small bulletin board and some of the more common ones I have are on a denim jacket. That’s a good observation when it comes to the size of these collectables as opposed to other forms of memorabilia.

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