What Anime Streaming Services Do You Use?

What sites do you use to stream anime on?

I use Netflix, Crunchyroll and Anime Lab. I don’t have premium for Crunchyroll or Anime Lab so there is some content I cannot watch there, but I find between the three of these services I have more than enough of things to watch.

I probably use Netflix the most honestly to watch anime. I watched things like Demon Slayer, Japan Sinks 2020, Haikyuu! season 1 and 2, A.I.C.O. and Dorohedoro on it. I find that Crunchyroll and Anime Lab then between the two of them have pretty much all the content I could want. For example, if Anime Lab doesn’t have Yuri on Ice!!! then Crunchyroll will.

I don’t really mind the differences between these three sites either. They’re all accessible and although the ads can be boring I guess it’s the price I pay to not pay for the service so I’ll sit there and watch them. I do like how they also blank out what you’ve already seen so you know where to watch from. Do you have any anime service provider preferences?

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13 thoughts on “What Anime Streaming Services Do You Use?”

  1. I am primarily AnimeLab and Crunchyroll with Netflix occasionally for a binge watch of something (should it be available). I’m not thrilled that AnimeLab is just becoming Funimation (I knew they bought it but AnimeLab is definitely the superior viewing platform and I don’t like navigating Funimation’s site).

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    1. Oh wow I didn’t know that AnimeLab is becoming Funimation. I thought they were already under the same parent company since their aesthetics and so similar and their websites look like they have the same setup 😲


      1. They have been under the same parent for awhile but if you go to the animelab blog they are planning on ending the service and current subscribers can use their current login to avcess funimation.

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