5 Facts to Know About Keigo Takami

  1. Hawks is 172cm tall, his blood type is B and his birthplace is Fukuoka.

  2. Hawks’ first name is made up of the kanji for ‘disclose, open, say’ (啓 kei) and ‘enlightenment, understanding’ (悟 go) and his surname contains the characters for ‘hawk’ (鷹 taka) and ‘see, visible, idea’ (見 mi).

  3. During an interview with Honyasan App, Yoritomi (the series’ current editor) said that Hawks’ backstory is based off Lionel Messi’s own childhood. Yoritomi told the interview, “You might be familiar with the overseas soccer player Lionel Messi, but his backstory is that at a young age he was scouted by Barcelona and joined. His father had lost his job and couldn’t afford the hormone medical treatment Messi needed for his illness, but thanks to his talent for soccer FC Barcelona agreed to cover the medical expenses for them. In exchange for receiving that money, Messi had to agree to live in Spain and only play soccer from a very young age. During the World Cup I told that story to Mr. Horikoshi. The next week, or maybe the week after that, Hawks’ story was born.”

  4. Hawks’ favourite food is chicken.

  5. Hawks currently holds the record for the youngest Pro Hero (he did not attend UA High School, but instead was scouted for private Hero education as a child) and the record for the fastest a Pro Hero has broken into the top 10 Pro Heroes on the Hero Billboard Chart JP.

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