5 Facts to Know About Mina Ashido

  1. Mina’s preliminary design was still pink, but she was lankier and had longer and more elaborate twisted horns. She also had very straight teeth like Sero’s final design and visible blushes on her cheeks like Uraraka’s final design. Hirokoshi changed her horns design because her twisted horns were more difficult to draw so he went with smaller and simpler horns.

  2. Mina’s birthday is 30th July, her height is 159cm, her blood type is AB, and her she was born in the Chiba Prefecture.

  3. Mina’s favourie thing is dancing, and her favourite foods are okra (which is the seed pod of the Abelmoschus esculentus plant) and natto (which is fermented soybeans).

  4. Mina has the best reflexes among the girls in Class 1-A, and also shares the same costume designer with her classmates Momo, Mineta and Asui.

  5. Mina’s surname contains the kanji ‘reed’ (芦 ashi) and ‘door’ (戸 do), and her surname is very similar to the Japanese pronunciation of ‘acid’ (アシッド ashiddo).

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