5 Facts to Know About Hanta Sero

  1. Sero’s favourite foods include oranges, soy products and anything else he might find healthy.

2. His surname contains the kanji for ‘rapids’ (瀬 se) and ‘spine’ (呂 ro), and his first name contains ‘example’ (範 han) and ‘thick’ (太 ta). Therefore, Sero’s name is a play on the Japanese pronunciation of ‘cellophane tape’ (セロハンテプ serohantepu). Hirikoshi actually came up with this quirk and character during a trip to a convenience store.

3. Sero’s abilities resemble Spider-Man’s, and he has been noted to have a deep admiration for ‘someone’ from the USA that fits Spider-Man’s description. (It’s also been noted that although Sero is considered a minor character, Hirokoshi likes him enough to put in more roles wherever he can).

4. He’s 177cm tall, his birthday is July 28th and his blood type is B.

5. Sero and Kirishima share the same costume designer.

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