My Worst Plays as Imposter in Among Us, and Strategies I’d like to Try Out

Like everyone else right now, I’ve been playing quite a bit of Among Us. It’s been in public servers and overall I’ve learnt that I definitely need more impostor practise.

As a crewmate I do my tasks dutifully, try to not stand over people, report those bodies and watch those cameras. My impostor plays though… Some of them have been super dodgy such as:

  1. In the Mira HQ map, I killed someone in the balcony. I meant to hit the sabotage button to start an emergency at the reactor but I accidentally hit the self-report button instead. I majorly panicked and ended up hitting a bunch of buttons in my panic to try to remedy the situation when I realised what I had done and ended up leaving the game in my frenzy. Took me about a full minute to come to terms with what I did and stop my racing heart.
  2. I went to stack kill when the lights were off where everyone was at the lights box. However, as I killed the lights came on and the other people there saw that it was me who killed.
  3. We all split off in the cafeteria when there was about 5 of us left. However, while I killed everyone else apparently had all joined back together (this wasn’t planned from what I know, unless they were on a call). So, it was obvious who the last impostor was.

With this in mind, there are a few impostor strategies that I think would be fun to try (if I can manage to actually get impostor and also not someone be in a lobby with hackers since that’s been happening frequently):

  1. Turn off the lights. Vent into a room where someone is closer to the vent and there is another person in the room (preferably though on the either side, maybe even two others in the room) so that I can kill then vent back away.
  2. Vent multi-kill. Step Uno: Vent and kill someone. Step Dos: Start a sabotage and jump back in the vent. Step Tres: Wait for a second crewmate to come into the room and vent out. Step Cuatro: Kill them before they can report the body.
  3. More stack kills.
  4. Making more use of closing doors.

How’s your Among Us experiences been? Any amazing (or maybe equally as poor as mine) impostor plays?

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Author: thespookyredhead

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2 thoughts on “My Worst Plays as Imposter in Among Us, and Strategies I’d like to Try Out”

  1. I’ve seen this game pop up all over the place, but haven’t yet played it. For some reason it just doesn’t appeal to me, but then I see so many people are enjoying it that maybe I should give it a try🤔🤔😊😊

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    1. Definitely fair enough about it not appealing! I think it initially appealed to me because I kept seeing art for it and thought it was an interesting premise 🙂 It’s definitely good for just giving it a go though too, since it doesn’t really require lots of time for things like getting gear and learning lore


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