5 Facts to Know About Tsuyu Asui

  1. Her surname contains the kanji for ‘frog’ (蛙) and ‘puff’ (吹?), and her first name contains ‘plum’ (梅) and ‘rain’ (雨). When written together, her first name translates to ‘rainy season.’

2. Asui’s favourite thing is the rainy season and her favourite food is jelly.

3. She was originally conceived as a male character but was turned into a female character because Class 1-A lacked girls. This is also happened with Toru Hagakure.

4. Asui shares the same costume designer with Momo, Minda and Mineta.

5. She is 150cm tall and her blood type is B.

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Author: thespookyredhead

Come for the pop culture. Stay for the bad grammar.

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