I didn’t know about this movie until the memes started rolling in. I saw Keanu Reeves walking on Twitter and was confused. I dug further into Twitter and found lots of videos of Keanu Reeves walking to different songs and was confused. I deep dove into Twitter and then finally, finally found the Twitter page created solely to post Keanu Reeves walking to different songs.

This led me to the discovery that the clip was from Always be my Maybe. A Netflix original film featuring and written by Ali Wong and Randall Park. I was immediately sold on the idea. (Michael Golamco also helped to write the film!).

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Turns out that this film had been in development for a while now, when in 2016 Ali mentioned in a New Yorker interview that her and Randall had been working for years to develop their, “own version of When Harry Met Sally.”  Further research then showed that Ali and Randal met in the late 1990s during a fried-rice cooking competition that was being hosted by a mutual friend from the LCC Theatre Company (which is an Asian-American performance group that Randall co-founded). And Ali and Randall have remained friends ever since!

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So, by now I’d seen Keanu Reeves, a Netflix meme-able rom-com written and starring Ali Wong and Randall Park, and I learnt that they’d actually been working on this for years and have been friends even longer. I was so ready to watch this movie.

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And so, begun my quest! Sitting on the couch at 7pm eating a too big plate of nachos all by myself with way too strong cordial in my favourite mug, I began to watch Always be my Maybe.


It is a funny film. It’s an all-round enjoyable watch and is in its own way unique too. All the characters are lively, entertaining and equally interesting. I also thought it was great to watch the two main characters try to figure out what they want in life and see how their life circumstances and people around them influenced them.


Always be my Maybe is its own film. It has clever humour constantly trickled throughout the show, an exploration of Asian-American culture and fairly relatable characters in their struggles. 10/10 would recommend.

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