“Bet you don’t know why the sun sets red.” – Axel, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

I love Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It’s an emotional, involved and well developed 3DS game. The graphics are a bit iffy because DS, but the cinematic shorts are amazing to watch because of how interesting and varied the worlds are, the characters are and the continued development of the Kingdom Hearts story line is always wonderful.

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The art style of this manga is so cute. It’s quite simple, and not necessarily insanely detailed. But it’s so cute. The small details though on the landscape shots are so pretty, with lights, shading and the huge scale of the buildings and view in shot on full display. I love how … draws Dark Corridors too, they are so lovely. The covers of the manga are also so pretty with the more faded, simple and matching aesthetic.

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And to flesh out the manga there is an elaboration on the story. The scenes original to the manga are quite varied too! There’s ones that give an insight into the characters thoughts and feelings, reveal more about Organization XIII (Demyx steals the show a lot. Plus is amazing comedic relief), just are plain funny and entertaining, an elaboration on the story and worlds of Kingdom Hearts and have a nice mix of villain scenes. Quite a lot of these original scenes too have a lot of domesticity and even sweetness and humour in them because of the additional character interactions and individual time and thoughts dedicated to all the characters.

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Organization XIII is so great to read about too. Their characters are further elaborated upon, and it’s interesting to see how their organisation works and learn more about the individual characters. You get to see how the Dusks work more as ‘soldiers’ for the organisation and see how each member controls their own squad of Pureblood Heartless. There’s also quite a lot of Demyx being Demyx in the manga, and they are some of the funniest scenes and totally original to the manga. You get to see the Organization members talking about washing and cooking and see more of their Castle. In Days you don’t really get to see that much of the castle expect for the common room, the meeting room, Roxas’ bedroom and some hallways too. But in the manga the Castle is a lot more on display complete with that washing room and kitchen filled with instant noodles we all needed to see.

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The Days manga is detailed in its story line and explanation about world and plans. It’s coherent, easy to follow and the characters are very true to the story line but elaborated on and lets us emotional connect to them even more. Organization XIII really is of full display too throughout this manga, and I love them even more after I read this manga series.

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    1. Kingdom Hearts is harder to play without the remixes since you need so many platforms to play them on… The manga are very cute though and well done, and true to the story except for the added scenes – so they’re a nice way to do the series and in a quicker time too I guess 🤔 But I do love both the manga and games! 🙂

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