We were the only ones in the cinema. Until half way through the ads when three about 15 year olds walked in. The two females and one male kind of just chilled at the back, and about a quarter of the way through the movie turned on their phones and one of them their phone torch? Then half way through the film they all got up and left the cinema. And just didn’t come back?

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Honestly I really don’t much to say about this film apart from that I absolutely loved it. Everything about it I loved. The acting, story, visuals, everything I loved.

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It was so emotional too. And I wasn’t expecting that aspect of it to be so present constantly throughout the film but I loved its inclusion. I have seen quite a few critics say that where this movie falls is when it’s earthbound, but I easily emotionally connected to the characters and enjoyed these moments. The family, neighbourhood, training for space, just everything! I found all of it exciting, emotional and fascinating.

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Being able to see more of conditions that they the astronauts are in, the training that they have to go through, the life threatening situation they are put in… How high stakes and higher pressure, yet utterly exhilarating, the whole thing is I just loved to watch.

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The rivalry with the Soviet Union America has too is always funny to me.

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I have nothing to say really apart from that I loved it.

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11 thoughts on “FIRST MAN: AIM FOR THE MOON”

  1. I’ve heard that this is a really interesting look at Neil Armstrong and that they almost wrote it like he was on the autism spectrum, which I thought was interesting. I’m really looking forward to checking this out at some point…. I just have to get over Ryan Gosling… I am not a fan. Lol!

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    1. It is… They were also some controversy apparently about how they didn’t show the planting of the American flag as a big thing and instead just kept the flag in the background 🤔 I like to try and treat stories based upon people, places or events as something that can take creative licenses anyway, so as long as what they do with it isn’t being promoted as exactly true or biographical content I’m okay to see how everything is approached in the movie. I believe First Man is based upon a first hand account of the people involved in the first moon landing about their experiences anyway too!
      Hahah you’ll have to see how you go for this film then! 😆

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  2. I really want so see this film. I have heard so many great things about it. I think it’s the subject that has many people not turning in to see this one. But I for one really like films such as these. Just have to find some time to go and see it. Great post ! 😊😊

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