The Disastrous Life of Saiki K is a manga written by Shūichi Asō, and has been adapted recently into an anime. It follows the life of Kusou Saiki – a high school student who has psychic abilities including telepathy, teleportation, flight, psychokinesis, apport, cryokinesis, precognition and much more. However his life is filled with all manner of challenges despite having these powers and he likes to avoid gaining attention as much as he possibly can. The manga, and anime, follow Saiki as he uses his powers in secret to try his best to just live a ‘normal life.’

1. It’s a great show to just sit back and enjoy

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This is the type of thing that you just enjoy. You don’t have to think about anything really when you’re watching it nor do you get emotionally invested in it very much. So it’s perfect for when you just want to relax and watch something.

2. It’s quite a basic concept, but still very nice

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The story line is pretty simple and super easy to follow. It follows Saiki’s life throughout a calendar year’s progression because the main complication of the story really is just Saiki trying to live his life. Beacseu of this we get to watch little snippets of days and mini-complications that are presented to him which are pretty cute. They includes things from problems at a school festival to a cafe on the brink of shutting down to trying to help out spirits. Obviously though we get to learn more about Saiki and the other characters as the year continues, but I how the plot progression is navigated.

3. Most of the characters are kind of ‘eh’ and that works perfectly for it

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Honestly I didn’t like the characters all that much. Some of them just annoyed me. However I did love Saiki’s parents, found Saiki incredibly funny and found a few of the other characters enjoyable too. I did feel like all the characters were quite ‘tropey’ and kind of stereotypical though. But I didn’t mind that because relying on weird characters and tropes works really well for this story, and I found it helps with the whole being able to just enjoy watching the show without thinking too much about any of it.

4. The humour is great

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Gag comedy can be lost on me at times, but I really enjoyed Saiki’s commentary on his life, his bluntness and sarcasm throughout this! I actually thought that the series was funny quite a lot of the time!

Other thoughts:
– The animation is alright. It’s not amazing obviously because of its genre (which tends to be drawn in a more simplistic art style), but I still appreciate it
– I watched this dubbed because Netflix and I thought that the voice actors did a great job
– Saiki’s powers are all really cool

Definitely recommend. Though it’s not near the top of my favourites list I still enjoyed this! It kept my interest, and the fact that it didn’t evoke much from me apart from some laughs is exactly the type of thing I feel like we all need from time to time 🙂

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