This post is totally useless and honestly, I probably wouldn’t even bother reading it. I’m just going to be ranting about how none of the main characters in the series look like their 11 years.
I also feel like this post is a sign that I watch too much TV with my brother since I know a lot more about this series than I’d like to…

  1. It just throws me off so much because I always thought that the characters were at least in their mid-teens because logic and then BOOM! I get slapped in the face with a Wiki article that says that they’re only 11. Why are their parents always letting them like travel everywhere by themselves? Aren’t their parents concerned about their school work? Why don’t we ever get to see them calling anyone with their mobile phones? They could at least let their parents know where they’re going in the case of an emergency!

    Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 12.02.42 am.png
    Clearly the only crimes that are ever committed in this work is the crime against fashion that Lui commits ever time he leaves the house. Someone needs to hit that boy with a heavy fine for thinking it’s acceptable to style his hair that way and wear that ugly outfit that’s so bad I’m not even letting a picture of it be on this post!
  2. And honestly, wtf Xander? What 11 year old has abs like those? And why are you wearing a crop top? I’ve never seen an 11 year old child before in my life wear a crop top! And I’ve been around a lot of 11 year olds. Is it there purely to show off your unrealistic abs? And why are you so tall? Why are most of the characters so tall???

    Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 12.03.27 am.png
    Don’t you dare speak to me again Xander until your voice freaking cracks
  3. And my big question is… why tf are a bunch of 11 year olds having BeyBlade battles being broadcasted on national TV? And does that mean that there’s professional BeyBladers if this sport is so big? Are there age groups then? Are there adults out there who do this for a living? All the referees and commentators are adults? So clearly adults are involved. Why isn’t any super hyped about the adults BeyBlading and it’s just the kids? Is that just what the show wants us to see? Wouldn’t adult BeyBalders who’ve been doing this sort of stuff for years be amazing to watch? Wouldn’t the main characters have their own heroes though from the ‘pro-league’? Couldn’t that be a part of the storyline or at least be able to draw out another couple of episodes for the series? You know, have the characters trying to be more like their heroes or even meeting them? Giving them some inspiration or something like that? What about coaches? Why are so little of these competitive athletes in this sport just self-taught? I demand answers!

    Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 12.05.32 am.png
    An accurate representation of me being confused by this show and my sisters passing by telling me not to take it all so seriously

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  1. I have to admit I don’t think I’ve ever really watched this show, except once I saw a quick scene and I’m kinda shocked myself that these characters are only 11. I guess sometimes you have to wonder at some of these anime series I suppose…like what is the author/anime artist really thinking especially when they are drawing the characters?? LOL

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  2. It’s so hard to tell how old anime characters are supposed to be. Some characters that are mid-teens could easily be in their thirties.

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  3. They’re 11?! Man, I thought they were at least middle-schoolers. I don’t watch the show ( my younger brother does) but I still can’t get over how damn ugly their hair are and their hair just gets worse in the next season. I cry internally every time I see that blond kid’s hair in the second season.

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