Mischief managed…

  1. So… you mean to tell me that nobody notices that Ron’s rat is Peter Pettigrew? Ron would sleep with that rat every night and he carried it around a lot. It obviously would have showed up on the Maurader’s Map, which Fred and George were in the possession of. So you mean to tell me that these two never noticed that Ron seemed to always be hanging out with some guy named Peter? They never noticed that some guy named Peter slept with their brother every night?
    People have argued that Fred and George would have been too focused on their pranks and using secret passages to notice this, but it’s highly unlikely that didn’t check in on Ron’s location at least a few times. They are siblings after all.

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  2. Remember when Quirrell let that troll loose down in the dungeons? Yes? Okay, good.
    Because the thing that leaves us all wondering about with this whole event is the fact that all the students are told to go to their common rooms for safety. But what did the poor Slytherins do considering that their common room was in the dungeon?! Did it fall upon the heads, prefects and Snape to sort out a plan and execute it, while calming panicked students, to get them all somewhere safe?

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  3. Ollivander couldn’t have been making that much of a profit from his business. The price of wands aren’t that expensive, but when you consider all the different types of materials that make up a wand… Well, there’s some rare stuff that your wand could be made of!
    Surely these wands with rare materials would have had to be a lot more expensive that others. Because if not that means that Ollivander would have most likely, actually be losing money from selling that wand. That, or Ollivander has a lot of donators of different materials that helps him keep his business going. And considering that wands are really important in the wizarding world, this theory is pretty plausible…

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    And the last one I’m going to mention is… (Which isn’t really a plot hole but I don’t care…)

  4. Quidditch! It’s just… what exactly are the crowds watching? They can’t see the majority of what’s happening with the seekers, which is where all the important action tends to be! How does the commentator even know what’s happening until the seekers come back into sight? How are they meant to know exactly when the game is over and if everything that happened high up in the sky or beneath the stands was even legal? Instead, the crowds get to watch all the other team members on the field and as much as this is probably entertaining to watch the chances are that it will end up have little to no impact on the overall result of the game

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    1. And watching the field also means watching players get hit by bludgers? I’d be too nervous to watch all the accidents that would happen >_< Plus that seat stand area is huuuuge. You'd better hope that you had good eyesight to watch the game!

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  1. OMG YES, finally someone said it about the Slytherin’s. JK Rowling is so biased against them, and brushes everything under the rug, even that scene is so WTF because I read HP when the 7th book came out since I didn’t want to wait so I noticed it.

    LMAO, the one about the brother’s is too true. How did they never notice it?? Plus how come we never heard about the rat until the 3rd book? JK Rowling pulled stuff out of her ass if you ask me, there’s never any mention of him having a rat in the first book. Or maybe it was such a throwaway comment that I don’t remember xD

    TBH I think Quidditch was never well explained, plus I do think Seeker’s aren’t the most important, and only made it out to be because of Harry. If you think about it, you can catch a snitch and lose the game if your team did shit at scoring. But you are right that the audience can barely see the Seeker’s.

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    1. I would have loved if the other houses got some more attention. I understand that the main characters were all in Gryffindor, but it would have been awesome to see more different types of Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws and Slytherins! Like how Slytherins are usually ambitious, Ravenclaws can be creative and Hufflepuffs would definitely be the ones having protests against injustices 🙂

      If I was Fred and George I would have definitely been interested into what was going on there. It had so much blackmail potential XD

      I’m pretty sure that in the first book Scabbers is mentioned because Ron practises transfiguration spells on him… But I could be wrong too hahah

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      1. If you think about it, JK was just lazy and decided to put everyone important in Gryffindor. It never made sense that Hermione was in Gryffindor, same for Harry. It’s why I like reading fanfic where they resort them and actually make the series being inter-house unity focused instead of that shit about houses against houses, and promoting prejudice against entire houses.

        True, and we know how much the twins love blackmailing 😉

        Does it? I don’t remember well, oops. I guess it never really stood out to me. I just checked and he’s only mentioned in passing in book 1 and book 2 barely. So clearly I think it was an after thought of JK to make Scabbers into Peter xD

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