There’s so many of them!

  1. Mary Poppins Returns
    Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 6.07.37 pm
    I relate to that girl with the green beanie…

    Everything so far about this seems awesome! Though I don’t even know why I thought for a moment that this film would be anything but ‘practically perfect in every way,’ considering it’s Mary Poppins.

  2. Christopher Robin
    Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 6.49.34 pm.png
    What a great time to be alive

    This looks so good! And there’s only about 5 more months left until it’s released! I don’t know if I can wait that long!!!

  3. Tinker Bell
    Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 6.10.19 pm.png
    I really, really hate her character. I could write a separate post about all the reasons why, but it would be over 1000 words long and I don’t think anyone wants to sit through and read that much negativity

    I hate Tinker Bell. Even if she’s going to be played by Reese Witherspoon.

  4. Aladdin
    Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 6.11.46 pm.png
    Don’t worry Jafar, Kenzari will do you justice

    The casting list for this is awesome! I’m so pumped!

  5. Mulan
    Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 6.24.25 pm.png
    Me and one of my unwilling, younger siblings that I dragged along as we enter the cinema to watch Mulan once it’s released. Complete with a negative attitude that I can’t/don’t particularly want to get rid of just yet.

    Li Shang is not in this film. It’s going to be a disaster.
    Hahah don’t worry guys, I have a bit more hope in this film than that. But not much. And that’s not a reflection upon the cast or crew either (from looking them up they all seem pretty awesome at what they do, and I’m definitely happy with the casting). I’m also interested to see how this whole ‘martial arts epic’ thing pans out. However… it won’t be a musical film?! Despite that the original Disney version has so many incredible songs in it?! I get that the live action remake is going to be more about the action this time around, but honestly… I’d rather have the music.
    Also Li Shang is effectively going to be replaced by some new guy??? When I first heard this I automatically developed a not-so-subtle biased dislike for this new character. But we also now know that the guy starts out being kind of awful and then becomes the love interest once he releases Mulan is a girl?? I hope she rejects him.

  6. Lady and the Tramp
    Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 6.13.15 pm.png
    What a blessed image

    I’m excited to see my cute dogs on screen for over an hour!

  7. The Lion King
    Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 6.14.44 pm.png
    I can’t find who made this (as practically every news source has already used it), but this thing is incredibly and I’d like to say thank-you

    Give me the brilliant songs that the original had and I will be one satisfied child. Though I think that they also did a very good job casting the roles!

  8. Dumbo
    Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 6.13.44 pm.png
    Look at these cuties

    I know that there’s quite of bit of hatred out there for Tim Burton, but I really do like his style. So I’m interested to see what he does with this film! Especially the pink elephant scene… That thing is already creepy enough

  9. Cruella de Vil
    Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 6.54.05 pm.png
    This movie’s gonna be awesome

    Emma Stone as Cruella de Vil? The origins of Cruella? Set in London in the late 1970s? I don’t think I could ask for anymore!


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  1. Maybe it’s a love of older art styles, maybe it’s just ‘cuz I’m bi and the live action Mulan left a bad taste in my mouth, maybe I’m still just a lil kid, but I dunno man, I’m kinda skeptical of these new remakes.

    I hope they turn out well… but I’m holding my breath for now

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    1. I’m hoping that they turn out well, though I’m not expecting them to be better or even as good as their animated counterparts…
      I was really hyped when I first found out that Mulan was getting a live action film because we can all theorise that Shang was bi or pan or perhaps even thought he was straight and then was confused as to why he liked a man and all these other theories, but none of them have been confirmed. So there was a ton of opportunity to put LGBT representation into the film with Shang. But they’re taking the film in another direction so…

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  2. I must admit, I always go into remakes with some trepidation. I wasn’t a fan of the Cinderella live action (it just felt over long to me), and Beauty and the Beast disappointed. Jungle Book was really good though. Of all of these, the one i’m most concerned about is The Lion King though. For me, the original still holds up well. Plus, while I liked Chiwetel Ejiofor in Serenity, I find it hard to hear anyone other than jeremy Irons as Scar. I would have maybe been excited if Idris Elba or Benedict Cumberbatch had the role, but I’m just not familiar with enough Chiwetel to be excited about it. Still, I won’t outright judge until I see it, so i’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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    1. Hmm good point… I think that’s why I struggle to watch live action films so much (since hearing anyone else’s voice apart from the original VA is weird…)
      Yay someone else who didn’t like Cinderella! I don’t like Cinderella to start with very much, but then everyone I talked to absolutely loved it and couldn’t understand why I didn’t…
      The The Lion King is definitely incredible! So although I’m hoping that the live action is good, I’m not expecting it to be better than the animation… That’s good though that you’re not being judgemental straight away!!

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      1. Nah, Cinderella just didn’t click for me. It wasn’t terrible, but I think I would have preferred if it has been half an hour shorter. I did like that it if a song by Marillion though.
        The way I see it, there have been org of food and series that I expected to like or dislike and ended up with the opposite reaction, so I’d rather wait and see.

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    1. I feel like Disney would be putting a lot of pressure on the crew to make them amazing… So hopefully it’s not too much stress for everyone involved in making the film, but hopefully the movies will also turn out great!

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  3. The live action remakes and spin-offs of all of these old animated Disney movies puts me off, even when numerous ones have been noted as being very good. I try really hard not to judge stuff like this on a bias of animation over live action, but something just feels ‘off’ to me whenever I see this stuff. If there is one I’d look forward to, its the Lion King, but only because it has great casting, is already working very well as a live action Broadway musical and because Disney tends to take very good care of TLK. Plus, TLK is my favorite Disney movie.

    The Christopher Robin movie, I’ve never wanted to hug Pooh more in my life. His character design is so beautifully detailed and soft-looking.

    Fist-bump for the Tinkerbell hate.

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    1. Agreed! Most of the live action films have been good, but they’re a bit weird to watch after having grown up with the animated films…
      The Lion King is just a very adaptable movie hahah 🙂 I’m excited to see the live action film for it!!
      *Squeals* Pooh looks so soft and beautiful!!! It must have taken the animators so long to animate her…

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  4. I’m so excited for all of these lol I love Tinker Bell. Also I think they’re changing that all up with Mulan like Li Shang and the music will be there. The director said she didn’t know where the rumor came from but I guess we will see

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  5. I love Mulan, but I’m not liking where they’re going with the story. I found Cinderella boring, and early rumors have this being a not-so-fun take on Mulan…

    Lion King cast looks good, but I’m going to miss the original voices of Timon & Pumbaa.

    I had no idea they were making a Lady & the Tramp live action.

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    1. I’m just trying to ignore Mulan at the moment… I understand what they’re trying to do what it but yeah, I don’t really like it either…
      Cinderella is SO BORING I’M GLAD YOU AGREE!!!
      And Timon and Pumbaa are iconic. There’s a lot for the live action cast to live up to!
      I know! It’s not being promoted a ton, but it’s in the works!! 😀

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  6. I’m terrified at some of these movies becoming live action. I can see Mary Poppins doing well, as it was live action to begin with (for the most part!) although, it will be strange to see anyone either than Julie Andrews and dick van dyke. Those are some big shoes to fill!! And anyone other than Nathan Lane as Timon?? I don’t know if I can get behind that?? I’m not too keen on another animals gone ‘live action’ movie… Disney needs to stop re-making old classics and start coming up with new ideas….
    Also, you forgot one! There are rumors for a ‘Little Mermaid’ live action as well apparently… That would be another interesting one to attempt to make ‘live action’…..

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    1. Agreed! New content would be so much better!! And The Lion King is just going from animation to CGI anyway? And the original was so good? Why would you want to even touch it?!
      I’m TERRIFIED for The Little Mermaid… I’ll definitely be interesting…

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  7. they all look problematic. Given the track record of the live action remakes, pretty sure it’ll be box office hit but it’ll all the mildly received overall.
    I would love to see Emma Stone as De Vil though, and see her channel Glen Close in her performance. Hugh Laurie better make a cameo though, or that’d be a wasted opportunity for Disney.

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