*Season 5 spoilers ahead*

I would just like to say that after watching season 5, it wasn’t until two nights afterwards that my brain decided that while being on the verge of falling asleep was the perfect time to realise that the mice were absent during this season. And as a result, this promptly gave me a rush of adrenaline that prevented me from going to sleep for the next 2 hours…

  1. Lotura

    Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 11.21.44 pm.png
    I’ll start with this because wow. That was some intense development there. It was pretty rushed, and I ended up having to pause the show every 30 seconds they were on screen together because THIS IS SET UP FOR A RELATIONSHIP IF I’VE EVER SEEN ONE BEFORE AND I KEPT SCREAMING ABOUT IT.
    They hold hands, Allura looks at him with such sparkling eyes, Lotor’s so soft around her. He believes in her. She is learning to trust him. They did the whole sharing pasts and dreams and family stuff and my god if that isn’t bonding then what is?! (And unlike Lance and Keith’s iconic bonding moment, they were both very aware of everything happening at the time). They had the whole glowing Altean markings thing because clearly they’re both special and they had quality time together and when Lotor turned to leave Allura PLACED HER ARM AROUND HIS IN EPISODE 5 OF HER OWN ACCORD
    In conclusion, I ship it.

  2. Krolia

    Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 7.26.32 pm.png
    What a beautiful, incredible woman. And the parallels between her and Keith were awesome. I’m really interested now in her backstory with the BOM, how she meet Keith’s father and why she left them. And we’re probably going to get to see some awesome moments between Keith and Krolia were they get to know each other! I’m just hoping she doesn’t get killed or sacrifice herself… Though let’s be honest, that’s angsty so it’s probably what’s going to happen.
    I think that the only way she could have been better (though is that even possible?) would have been if she introduced herself to Keith as his mother a bit differently. When he didn’t really get what was happening at first it would have been so funny if she ended up doing the whole, “It’s me, KROLIA! Your – I AM YOUR MOTHER!”

  3. Zarkon’s death

    Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 7.26.09 pm.png
    There was the battle scene and stuff for this (which was totally awesome!), and then afterwards they kind of just glossed over it and continued on like normal… No-one really cared and I mean, okay sure no-one really liked Zarkon anyway. And I guess that the Galra were more concerned about who’s going to become the next emperor so fair enough, Lotor probably felt no guilt, I guess that the Paladins held no remorse either and Lotor, Team Voltron and the BOM were busy planning their next move for the Kral Zera (since it was a big operation to plan within a very small time frame and a bunch of Galra generals trying to assert their dominance to deal with) so I suppose no-one really had time for emotions. My question now though is, who’s going to take Zarkon’s place? Who’s going to be our main antagonist? Is Lotor just pretending to be on Team Voltron’s side and the creators are going to go for the betrayal angle? Or is Haggar going to take Zarkon’s place? Though, she seems to be more interested in helping Lotor succeed at the moment…

  4. Does Sam even know who Matt is?

    Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 7.27.21 pm.png
    Honestly this was just a bit weird for me. Like, I had assumed that Sam would have been closer to Matt with them having their own code that they came up with, the Kerberos mission (which would have entailed a lot of training, briefing, travelling to Kerberos and working on Kerberos together) and getting kidnapped… Maybe it’s just because Sam hadn’t seen Pidge for longer? I don’t know… Or maybe we just got to see more of Sam and Pidge because Pidge is one of the main characters, while Matt is ‘less’ of a lead character so Pidge’s scenes with Sam were prioritised over any that he has with Matt

  5. Lance is an angel

    Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 11.14.14 pm.png
    Lance is just amazing. He always comforts his teammates and in this season he did it again. He reassured Allura despite his own problems with Shiro. He told Allura that he knows Shiro has the best interests of the Coalition like she does, and that they can make it through this tense time. That’s emotional maturity.
    And Lance was crying too because he missed his family… He’s such a sweet boy. Though he didn’t get the comfort that Pidge and Allura got from people… Here we had a male character showing that boys can cry and show their vulnerability to others and being emotional, but we didn’t get to see if anyone comforted him. I really would have liked a scene for that – especially since he was surrounded by his entire team during this scene.
    Lance has been shown to be pretty insecure and Keith is the only person we’ve seen who’s comforted and reassured him through the series. So that’s one of the reasons I think it’s great that we finally got to see another character reassuring Lance, as Allura told him he has greatness within! Both Keith and Allura also expressed that the whole team feels this way about him, even if he himself may not always feel useful. But he also hasn’t lashed out about feeling left out of the team, and has never failed to be there for others when they need him.
    (Also Hunk up until this season had really only cried for it to be used as a bit of a humorous affect before. But in season 5 he mentioned how in his message to his family he had teared up, which is great to see that he’s willingly to admit how much he misses his family without fearing that the others will judge him for showing vulnerability! I feel like we’re definitely getting to see more of this vulnerability from males in the media today, so it’s awesome that creators are trying to break down the stigma that it’s ‘unmanly’ to cry!)
    And ‘the real Shiro’ is trying to communicate with Lance and he seems to be catching onto the whole ‘clone Shiro’ thing because he’s the best boy!

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  1. Agreed on all points!


    It’d seem like if the writers’ goal was making Lotor really ambiguous, they did a damn good job. Honestly, I’m really nervous because as it stands, there are obstacles, but no real standing antagonist, so either Lotor pulls a reverse Zuko and stomps on all our hearts, Haggar/Honerva becomes a way bigger threat, or someone new enters the ring.

    And golly goddamn, man, I love Lance this season. He finally seems to have gotten over fawning over Allura (honestly it was getting a little repetitive) and they’re becoming really close, genuine friends, and man, I friggin love it.

    …also please don’t tell me I’m the only one with a crush on Krolia

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    1. *Spoilers*

      I know! I can’t decide whether Lotor’s being completely honest, especially with how he was painted to be in previous seasons… Plus we’ve seen how well he can act when he beat Throk in the arena and how he acted around Zarkon… I’m hoping that he is being honest, but its his upbringing and perception of the world that’s influencing his actions and that’s why he seems so sketchy. I mean, I feel like in the White Lion episode with the comparison between Allura’s sacrifice to the lion and Lotor’s attitude of ‘victory or death,’ it could be seen as the creators’ way of showing us that Lotor just doesn’t know the best way to go about life being amicable… (Though honestly, that lion was ATTACKING them. I’m with Lotor, and especially since there was nowhere to run to, I’d try and fight and not just be willingly to let it kill me)
      Lance was is always brilliant! ❤
      And I think everyone has a crush on Krolia hahah 😀


  2. I agree, the Lotura was strong this season. (This season was basically the mommy issues season, but it’s still the season of Lotura nonetheless. XD) It’s a cute ship. :3 And Lance, my boi, he was a perfect angel! We finally get the canon names of his siblings, which was awesome! (Razzle dazzle! XD) I really enjoyed this season, I hope to survive the wait until the next one.

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