I’m a mess. I really need to get my stuff all organised this weekend.

Guess what guys? Arthifis nominated me for the ‘Neat Blog Award.’ Pretty neat, right? Hahah I’m so funny. Totally. Definitely. No-one believes that.

But anyway! Arthifis is really awesome! They not only are a cool person, but their blog is filled with amazing game reviews, anime reviews and posts about mental health! It’s pretty much impossible to not love their blog, so go check it out if you aren’t yet following them!

And so, here are the rules for this award:
1. Display the award logo
2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog
3. Answer the questions of the one who nominated you
4. Nominate 5-10 bloggers
5. Ask them 7 questions

And here are my answers to the questions!

  1. Can you speak any other languages other than your own? If so what are they?

    Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 11.10.01 pm.png
    I can speak Italian. I’m not fluent or anything, but I’m conversational and can also read and write in Italian. Though on a side note… if awkward counts as a language, then I’m fluent in it!

  2. If money was not an object, what would be your dream vacation?

    Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 11.34.55 pm.png
    A few weeks in Japan! There’s so much to do and see there! And I’ve never been overseas before so it’d so so exciting for me!!! I’d want to visit everywhere!!! 😀

  3. What’s the closest thing to real magic in your opinion?

    Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 11.36.20 pm.png
    I’d say those moments that you have where you’re just sort of standing there or sitting or lying down or you’re doing something else (it doesn’t have to be exciting, it could be watching TV on the couch with someone or getting caught somewhere in the rain) and you just have this nice sense of calm and happiness pass through you. Those times where when I feel a strange sense of complete content are my little magical moments

  4. If you could go for afternoon tea with a villain of you choice to discuss their evil plans who would you choose and why?

    Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 11.35.49 pm.png
    Hades. He’s my favourite Disney villain ever! He’s sassy, short-tempered and entertaining.

  5. Do you have a favourite video game? It can be from recently or maybe something you played when you were younger!

    Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 11.37.06 pm.png
    Umm… can I say Animal Crossing? Does it count? It’s one of the series that I’ve dedicated hours and hours of my life to. I have a habit of becoming a bit too emotionally invested in my little me and my villagers… Plus I just have to collect everything and do everything and be friends with everyone and be super rich with no mortgage and a large house!

  6. If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask?

    Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 11.37.32 pm.png
    Err… um… I don’t think I’d want to know… I mean, there’s so much stuff out there that we don’t know about and to find out the answers sort of ruins the whole mystery and wonder behind it… So I think that I wouldn’t want to know if something like aliens exist, or how the universe began, or if soulmates are real or not. And I don’t personally need to know if God exists or what happens to us after we die because I feel comfortable with my own opinions on these sorts of topics. So yeah, call me boring but I like being able to learn more about these sorts of things and being able to marvel at them. I wouldn’t want to ruin the wonder that shrouds these types of questions…

  7. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week? (Time to promote some great blogs, people!)

    Okay so I didn’t fully read the whole question before my mind had already jumped to a tweet that I saw months ago and still laugh about today… I’m feeling like I still shouldn’t be randomly giggling at it, but here I am…
    But right, getting back on track. Blogging. Things. Hmm, yes, love it.
    What was I saying?
    Oh, right. Don’t worry guys I remember now!
    So the most interesting thing that I think I’d read this week would have to be… (Argh there’s too many good posts to choose from! >_< Why are you doing this to meeeeeee?)
    The Relationship between Shoujo Manga and a Reader’s Hair: A Report found on the blog Manga Toritsukareru Koto! This post is just great and epitomises everything to be appreciative for in the world!!!

And as always, here are my nominees! (There’s no pressure to do this tag if you don’t want to either!)
1. nosestuckinabook
2. LitaKino
3. Kimchisama
4. Matt Doyle Media
5. Oishi

And here’s your seven questions from me!
1. If you had to get a piercing (that you don’t currently have), then which one would you choose?
2. Thoughts on spray tans?
3. At what temperature do you think it’s cold?
4. Have you ever gotten into a political/philosophical/moral/humanitarian/something similar debate with another person?
5. If you could live in any space, anywhere, you’d like… then what would it be like?
6. What was your first phone?
7. What’s your favourite sport?

Bye everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying your day! ^_^

Author: thespookyredhead

Come for the pop culture. Stay for the bad grammar.


  1. Animal Crossing ABSOLUTELY counts!! Ahhhh… The hours I spent on those games.. And when it came to the DS that was pretty much the end of my existence for a while. I’d be out at the bar with friends on a Saturday night with my ear to my DS trying to get my song from K. K Slider. Lol!.. Those were the days.. 😉

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