I don’t care if Hide does turn out to be evil or something, I’ll still love him

  1. Hide doesn’t call Keneki by his first name despite them being best friends. But they don’t use honourifics with each other, so obviously they have a close relationship… So then why would Hide never call Keneki by his first name? It’s been theorised that because Keneki’s mother and aunt would call him Ken, Hide avoided using this name because it brings back bad memories for Keneki

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  2. We all doubt that the CCG would give Haise flesh to eat… They definitely wouldn’t give him human flesh at least. So that means that either they give Haise the Ghoul mixture that the CCG buys from Sphinx or they let Haise eat other ghouls…

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  3. We still have no details about Hide. We don’t know what his birthday his, what his height is, blood type etc. despite minor characters still being given a bio by Ishida. Fans have theorised that if Hide is really dead, then there’s no point hiding his bio from everyone – but Ishida has purposefully not given out Hide’s details. So why isn’t Ishida giving out Hide’s personal details then? Why can’t we know them? So this suspiciousness has lead some to believe that perhaps Hide is still alive and that his details may reveal something about him that Ishida doesn’t want us knowing just yet…
    We never really know what exactly happens to Hide’s body either once he ‘dies.’ Keneki just says, “Hide was gone and I was alone” and there’s barely anything to imply in the manga or anime that Keneki or another ghoul eats Hide. So then where is he?

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  4. Hide’s family moved to the 20th ward because it was the safest ward, and therefore the most suitable to raise a young child. Especially if his family were ghoul investigators (so this puts them in less danger), because this explains why Hide seems to know so much and be so certain about the existence of ghouls. It’s also why he just has a ‘natural affinity’ for detective work, is able to get past the CCG undetected and is so calm when dealing with a ghoul who wants to eat him. This isn’t anything that a normal person would do… He seems to have had at least some training and education about ghouls, which would make sense if his family worked for the CCG

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  5. When Haise went into Anteiku in :Re, Touka didn’t mention anything about Haise being familiar. This could have been because Haise came in with two doves, so she was just being careful and also could be because Haise didn’t show any signs of recognising Touka himself. As for Tsukiyama though, he is shown to be depressed as he is still grieving over Keneki’s ‘death’ and so cannot recognise that Haise and Keneki either have the same smell or a similar one because some psychological disorders have been proven to dull, or even suporess, senses such as smell

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  6. So, Ishida redid the first chapter… And although we may all think he did this just to see how much his skills have improved or something like that, he also changed the scene where Keneki and Hide show each other their drawings of ghouls entirely. Instead, the scene is about a play their school did in which Hide plays the ‘witch’s servant.’ Ishida could have changed this scene to hint at Hide having/had a more hidden (potentially even evil) agenda.
    Hide’s tick is that he scratches his face when he’s lying. He does this when he firsts meets Keneki and introduces himself – so from the start why is he lying about his family life? Then throughout the series Hide had continued to repeat this same action when talking to Keneki about the things he know about ghouls and similar topics. And Hide never once asks Keneki is he wants to move in with his family, despite Keneki’s own home-life not being great. So what’s Hide hiding? He never see or even hear of his relatives, so perhaps Hide was actually living alone? And with how suspiciously much Hide knows and discovers, could he be working for someone higher up? Is this why he played the ‘witch’s servant?’ Could it be hinting at the fact that Hide had been being doing work behind the scenes that we don’t know about? Was he (or is he still if he’s actually alive) working for the CCG or a ghoul organisation? Is this why (as it can be argued) that Hide set Keneki up to meet Arima?

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  1. Wow amazing theories! I watched the anime for Tokyo Ghoul and was super dissapointed with root A. I never thought of some of these theories but they make perfect sense. I really have to re-read the Tokyo Ghoul manga now!

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    1. Yeah, I preferred the manga for root A to the anime… And they do make a lot of sense hahah 🙂 Though the Hide theories slightly scare me… He’s so perfect, I don’t want him to end up being an antagonist! >_<


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