“Warfare is just a form of negotiation, it is not dependent on hate” – Inaho

  1. It’s very visually appealing

    Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.18.09 pm.png

  2. The music is amazing!


  3. Okay, so usually I like my character development and I need to really like at least a few of the characters to get invested in a series… but this anime instead mainly focuses on its visual art, music and battle sequences. Which is (surprisingly) totally alright with me!

    Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.18.46 pm.png



  5. I really like all the character designs!

    Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.25.54 pm.png

  6. It’s a pretty enjoyable series to watch! I actually ended up finding myself watching multiple episodes in a row

    Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.26.09 pm.png

  7. I appreciate the design of the world in which this series is set. A lot.

    Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.21.21 pm.png

  8. This series is a bit different compared to most mecha anime because in Aldnoah Zero, the protagonists don’t have superior weapons to the antagonists. In fact, it’s the reverse. So this leaves the protagonists relying more upon their abilities to analyse and strategise rather than firepower

    Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.16.57 pm.png

  9. It’s a bit of a… different ending compared to what you’d expect… so yeah… The conclusion doesn’t tie up every loose end though, so the audience can still theorise about what happens after the series is over

    Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.20.41 pm.png

  10. *screams at the top of their lungs* I LOVE THE SOUNDTRACK!!!!!!!!

    And finally,

  11. After you watch the series you can read some really entertaining reviews about it without the fear of spoilers. There’s some really sassy, sarcastic and spectacular reviews out there

    Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.19.33 pm

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24 thoughts on “11 REASONS TO WATCH ‘ALDNOAH ZERO’”

  1. I watched the first DVD and enjoyed it. One of these days I need to watch the rest, although people have cautioned me that the second half is weaker than the first.

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  2. Still didn’t watch it, but the animation really does seem to be really good! Also liked the soundtrack… Makes me remember Kalafina… Just checked it’s them! 😀


  3. Aldnoah Zero was the first mecha anime serie that I watched and I enjoyed! I watched it because I am Hiroyuki Sawano fan, who is the composer of the anime. When he compose for an anime, you know that it’s good, although the second season sucked a bit…

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      1. MKAliez is definitely an epic one yeah! I remember seeing the ending of this episode on this song! But I thtink my fav is AZPV and Keep on Keeping on!

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  4. As much as I, to this day, wave the banner in support of Aldnoah.Zero after the wake of its second season — I’d be lying if I said the music wasn’t my biggest takeaway as well xD

    Sawano Hiroyuki always had a good ear for female vocalists, but “MKAliez” is just… special. I must’ve watched/rewatched that one scene from the first episode (when the first Landing Castle came down and completely obliterated that one town) just for that track when it first came out — which, sounds so morbid as I type it out now (lol), but I swear I only did so for the music!

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  5. This was the first time I saw a mech show and genuinely enjoyed every minute of it. And yes, it may or may not have been the AMAZING soundtrack that made it so enjoyable for me. Not spoiling anything, but I can still remember the state of shock I was left in at the end of the first season.

    I kind of wish there was more to the series but I don’t think it could have been dragged out any longer.

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  6. it’s so weird, after that s1 ending I had a little grudge with AZ but it’s also just so nice to watch and the music is AMAZING and I also just like some of the characters (even tho there’s one i find SUPER ANNOYING xD). and that ending…*clenches fist* there’s actually a fanfiction story i’m following that i always say is my s3 of the series. it basically picks up after that ending where Slaine is in jail :”D

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    1. Well season 1’s ending isn’t exactly what anyone would want so that’s totally understandable.
      What, which character do you find annoying? You have to tell meeeee
      Ooh that fan fiction must be pretty interesting… And the ending wasn’t really good so yeah, I see the need for this fanfiction!

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      1. i think his name is marito? but i feel for thinking he’s annoying bc he’s got ptsd but also i just really hated when he talked big and when it came time for him to do something he wouldn’t. bc he’d freeze (i get that). i guess what annoyed me was his big talk and ‘you don’t know anything bc you’ve never lived through it it’s a nightmare!’ talk. i also wasn’t a huge fan of the girl but i get where she’s coming from so i don’t mind her too much (the princess)

        lol yeah im not in the az fandom anymore but whenever i see that story gets updated i always go back :”D

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