Beast Boy: See? She thinks I’m funny
Raven: Statistically, someone has to

Beast Boy: See? She thinks I’m funny
Raven: Statistically, someone has to

  1. If Robin is Dick Grayson, (although Teen Titans isn’t canon in the DC timeline) fans have reasoned that the series takes place between when Dick left Batman and before he returned as Nightwing


  2. It’s theorised that the New Red X is Jason Todd – who becomes the new Robin after Dick leaves, meaning that Jason would have been introduced in the DC universe at this time in the series. The Teen Titans short Red X Unmasked also suggests that this Red X is Jason Todd when the Titans tie Red X to a chair and try to unmask him. However, before they can reveal his identify, he makes his escape. This is when Beast Boy calls out, “I still think you’re Jason Todd!”


  3. It’s been suggested that the Terra seen in Things Change (episode 65) is just a figment of Beast Boy’s imagination. This theory was brought about because Beast Boy first saw Terra in a crowd, nothing is out of place in the cave where Terra’s statue is and Terra says that she doesn’t know who Beast Boy is. This girl says that she isn’t Terra and at the end of the episode says, “The girl you want me to be is just a memory.” None of the other Titans saw Terra either and Robin even says, “Sometimes you want to see something that isn’t there.” So, could this all be Beast Boy imaging Terra as a way to cope with everything?


  4. An opposing theory to the one above is that Terra was never forgiven for her betrayal and condemned to hell. Terra did die when she was encased in stone but then her soul was released from hell when Slade open the gates of hell. If one of these released souls was Terra’s, then this could have restored her body (much like what happened to Slade). However, instead of engaging with disaster happening around her, Terra could have ran away and when Raven restored the world – Terra could have saw this as her second chance. So, Terra took this opportunity to make a new life for herself, settling down to live a normal life and deciding to leave behind her powers and past. This is why when Beast Boy found her, she denied being Terra and faking amnesia – in order to preserve this new life she has created for herself
    (Theory created by Jossed by Word of God)


  5. Fans have speculated that the Titans East deal with more ‘severe’ crimes than the Teen Titans do (as the Teen Titans would regular deal with things more like robberies). These crimes include things more like hostages, murders, rape and other things crime-show related. The Titans East say they chose Steel City because the police force were over-burdened. This means that the Titans East are acting as a five-man super-powered police force squad – dealing with cases that the police would have take care of


  6. The reason Terra told Beast Boy that she wasn’t Terra in Things Change was because Terra isn’t actually her name. Terra could be her alias… (And if she’s decided to leave behind everything that’s happened to her in the series in the pursuit of a normal life, then Terra really is dead)


  7. This theory states that Raven draws her powers directly from Trigon through a psychic link. This theory makes sense because this link would be the same one that allows Trigon to use Raven as his ‘portal.’ Once entering through the portal, Trigon broke it and effectively left Raven powerless. Then, when Raven fought Trigon she forcibly fixed the link between them. This allowed her to weaken him by using his own powers for herself – making him easier to defeat. Raven then trapped in him another dimension instead of killing him and this way she can still access his powers to utilise, though Trigon now can’t hurt anyone
    The second part of evidence for this theory is that whenever Raven gets angry, she takes on similar features to Trigon (the red, four eyes and the sharp teeth)


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