“Oh, I wish I could be a cat” – Sailor Moon

“Oh, I wish I could be a cat” – Sailor Moon

  1. Why can no-one recognise the Sailor Scouts after they transform? I mean, Sailor Venus wears a mask at the start of the series but she gets rid of it pretty quickly. And no-one else ever wears a mask? Like, they literally look the exact same but with a different outfit. And yeah, of course there’s the explanation of ‘magic’ but… does that mean that everyone who sees the Scouts sees them differently to how they actually look? Or are citizens just incapable of using simple deduction skills because of this ‘magic?’1.jpg
  2. What happens to the Earth? It’s explained that during the 20th century, Earth goes into a deep-freeze – taking one thousand years to thaw out. But what exactly lead to this freezing?3.jpg
  3. Why is Tuxedo Mask the only male Scout? He’s the protector of Earth – so technically he can be considered a Scout. But every other guardian is female? I understand the feminism and the other stuff but… why? Is there something about being male that makes it harder to use the Scout power? Is this why Tuxedo Mask is considered to be weaker? Do women represent the other planets better? Why isn’t he wearing a skirt too? Does he get an awesome manicure when he transforms too?2.jpg

Author: thespookyredhead

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  1. Have you seen the live action Sailor Moon? In it, they look like regular Japanese girls and when they transform they get the fun hair from the anime.

    Though, it is true about Tuxedo Mask. The only men came from Earth and everywhere else was female. I’ve always wanted to know why the other Sailor Scouts, who are princesses of their own planets, keep coming back to the moon and leaving their planets behind?

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