I mean we all already know who the smartest characters are, but I just want to talk about them because they’re great! ^_^

I mean we all already know who the smartest characters are, but I just want to talk about them because they’re great! ^_^

  1. Light YagamiDeathNote-1024x583.jpeg
    Obviously Light is smart. Aside from being the top student in Japan, he manages to remain a suspect for 36 episodes while no-one before being captured and proven to be Kira. And this lasts for 7 years in the series…
    Essentially, Light manages to outlive L and Mello, almost defeat Near and also manages to plan out and successfully go through with so, so many different plans throughout the 7 years to throw investigators off his tracks to ensure he’s not caught
  2. MelloMello-from-death-note_1.jpg
    I mean, Mello persuaded the MAFIA to help him. The MAFIA.
    Although he may not be considered to be on par with the others, Mello does make many critical contributions and comes up with strategies to prove that Light is Kira. Mello manages to get a hold of a Death Note and discovers the fake rules Light places in them. And he also ultimately sacrifices himself so that there will be evidence to frame Kira with
  3. Naomi MisoraMisora.Naomi.full.737128.jpg
    Naomi had to die because she was too smart. As a former FBI agent who had also previously worked with L, Naomi proves how skillful she is when it comes to investigating. After discovering information about Kira and outsmarting Light using an alias, Naomi comes very close to catching him out early on in the series – and that’s why she had to die…
  4. NearNear_anime.jpg
    I feel like Near receives quite a bit of hate… But there’s no doubt he’s intelligent. He is one of the few characters to survive the series who were involved in the Kira case and he was deemed L’s successor. Near manages to deduce that Light is Kira and find out that Light is also using Teru Mikami to help him with his dirty work. Near is successful in capturing them both and therefore, puts an end to the Kira case
  5. Ldeath_note.0.jpg
    Even the creator of Death Note has proclaimed that L is the smartest character in the series, “because the plot requires it.” Without L, the investigation would have probably never progressed. L quickly deduces that Light is Kira, but his struggle was in proving this…
    L is a genius with an amazing reputation for solving all the world’s toughest mysteries and he definitely deserves all the praise he gets for it. Without L, Light would have just continued on as Kira killing all the people he wanted to

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