“Did you see those Huns? They popped out of the snow, like daises!” – Mushu, Mulan

“Did you see those Huns? They popped out of the snow, like daises!” – Mushu, Mulan

  1. Elsa inherited her powers from her grandfather, who was cursed with them1.png
    This theory was developed after people realised that Elsa’s dad gives her gloves and tells her that they ‘might help.’ How would he know this unless he was familiar with the curse?
    For the full theory please click here: https://scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/58489/is-it-ever-explained-where-elsa-got-her-powers
  2. Aladdin says ‘take off your clothes’ in the movie?
    In the scene where Aladdin visits Jasmine on her balcony, Rajah approaches him first and Aladdin begins to say things like, “down, kitty” and “scat.” However, supposedly, he can also be heard saying the phrase “good teenagers take off their clothes.” Now, this is probably just what it sounds like to some people as many say that Aladdin is actually saying, “Good kitty. Take off and go!” And that is apparently the line in the script…
    Have a listen to the link below! What are your thoughts on this?
  3. Mother Gothel and the Evil Queen are the same person3.jpg
    Mother Gothel (from Tangled) and the Evil Queen (from Snow White) have been theorised to be the same person. This theory came about after people noticed that they look quite alike, both in their younger and old forms. Apparently the daggers they use are similar looking too. They are also both obsessed with beauty – as the Evil Queen wants to be the fairest in the land and Mother Gothel wants to stay young. To make this theory work though in a timeline, it’s been suggested that the Evil Queen didn’t actually die at the end of Snow White but instead escaped to a foreign land where she found the flower she needed to remain young and beautiful
  4. Violet is not Helen and Bob’s daughter4.jpg
    There are two theories about who Violet’s parents are. The first is that Violet is the illegitimate child of Helen and Snug… As Violet was the first born child of the couple, it is possible Helen could have been sleeping with him before or just after the supers were outlawed – because if Bob was away (due to the family constantly moving due to his inability to maintain a steady job), Snug might have been the only shoulder she could cry on and get her through this tough time. A time when Violet could have been conceived as the first born. It’s then suggested that also because of the Parr family’s continuous moves, Helen couldn’t sustain her adulterous relationship with Snug throughout her married life – so they definitely aren’t still together.
    Another piece of evidence for this theory is that Helen keeps a picture of Snug and her in her room – meaning that they must have been close. When Helen also calls in a favour or as she says, “I’m calling in a solid you owe me,” for a private jet – Snug does straight away with no Perhaps there was no difficulty because Snug got Helen pregnant and she is looking after their child?
    Fans have also managed to evidence this theory with the fact that Violet is quite different to her siblings. While the boys are full of energy – she is introverted and shy. Violet’s powers are also defensive while Bob’s, Dash’s and Jack-Jack’s are all quite offensive powers. And finally, Violet has features similar to Snug’s. They a very similar face shape and Violet also has black hair while Snugs is believed to also be dark. Helen though is a redhead and Bob has blonde hair – which are traits both Dash (a blonde) and Jack-Jack (a redhead) have unlike Violet…
    The other explanation to the whole ‘Violet is adopted’ theory is that she is the daughter of two supers who Syndrome killed. And so, when her parents were killed she was adopted by Helen and Bob. They would have been the most suitable candidates as adoptive parents for the baby because they most likely knew Violet’s parents and as a newly-wed super couple , would be able to raise the super baby. To support this theory, the extra feature on Disc 2 of The Incredibles has information and stats on all the superheroes the NSA kept track of. By going through this disc, Violet’s parents could have possibly been Stormicide and Universal Man. Stormicide has the darkest hair of the female supers (aside from the teenage super) and can absorb or emit vapours of various properties, is able to ‘function like a sponge’ and fly when powered by vapour emission. And while what colour hair Violet’s potential biological father has, we can see that his indestructibility stats bar is full (and Violet can create impenetrable force-fields) and he can alter molecular density. Although this isn’t a perfect answer, these two supers are the most likely to be Violet’s biological parents if she was in fact adopted by Helen and Bob…
  5. Calhoun from Wreck-It Ralph killed her fiancé at the altar5.jpg
    Calhoun’s wedding was crashed by a giant Cy-Bug that proceeded to murder and eat her husband-to-be. Although she defeated the bug, she had already lost the man she loved. But the thing about these bugs is that they take the form of whatever they consume… Meaning that if it ate her fiancé, then if would have taken on his form (like when a Cy-Bug eats the Hero’s Duty gun Ralph has, eats a laser gun and even when it eats King Candy)
    So not only did Calhoun have to kill the bug that crashed her wedding and ate her husband-to-be… But she also had to do it while it took of the form of the person she loved…
  6. Chip is Prince Adam’s illegitimate son6.png
    So as we all know, Mrs Potts seems a bit too old to have such a young son. This theory claims that the enchantress seduced the prince and that they had a baby. However, because it’s a bad look to have illegitimate children of the royal family roaming around the town, the child was taken from his mother and sent to live in the palace. (Which is suitable explanation as to why the enchantress was enraged enough by Prince Adam to curse him and his entire staff). For the entire theory please follow this link: http://www.cracked.com/blog/why-beauty-beast-way-darker-than-you-realize/
  7. Frozen and The Shining are the same movie7.jpg
    When Mary Katherine Ham was blogging (she’s now a writer for The Federalist and CNN! Here’s her twitter account: https://twitter.com/mkhammer?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor) she theorised that Frozen and The Shining are practically the same movie. Arendelle looks an awful lot like the Overlook Hotel and both main characters are, “a danger to family members, whose volatility increases after a long isolation inside a giant, ornate, high-ceilinged building in a cold, desolate landscape.” She also compares Anna to Danny as both are innocent protagonists who are forced to spend their time playing games alone in hallways and then also compares other characters like Olaf and Wendy Torrence who are both kind of goofy and would sacrifice anything to save the protagonist from danger. Kristoff is also compared to Hallorann who are the “snowsuit-clad rescuer(s)” who both have experience of the supernatural which bonds them to the other characters. Then again, she is able to compare Hans and Grady who unleash the main character’s ability to cause destruction. She also compares similarities to the end scenes of both of the movies – such as when in both movies two characters are at windowsills to jump out and characters freeze over in ice out in the snow…

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