“Today I got lost on the road of life” – Kakashi

“Today I got lost on the road of life” – Kakashi

  1. Fishnetting

    The fishnet is breathable – increasing a ninja’s ability to be mobile and agile during battle

  2. Flak jackets

    Flak jackets are a protective clothing item that is very popular among ninjas. They have many pockets and pouches to store and quickly access weapons and other supplies. They also provide some protection from damage such as that from blunt-forces, projectiles and blades

  3. Anbu masks

    Since members of the Anbu are tasked with assassinations, dealing with disturbances in foreign countries, surveillance, tracking and even interrogation, they tend to dislike anyone knowing their identities. (Even most of Konoha’s citizens aren’t aware of who is and who isn’t an Anbu…) Because of this desire to keep their identities a secret, Anbu wear masks to hide them. These masks also serve the useful purpose of hiding the facial expressions of an Anbu while they are out on missions…

  4. Gloves

    Obviously, these are worn to protect a ninja’s hands

  5. Bandages

    Ninjas engage in lots of physical activity and need to be able to do many different movements, and so they need to protect their bodies from damage. Like athletes who wear compression gear, ninjas wear bandages to perform the same function. These bandages help to keep their muscles warm to prevent strain, prevent chafing and rashes (as it can be seen that typically a kunai pouch is worn over the top of bandages to avoid chafing), stabilise joints and relieve pain from stiffness. They can also be worn as a fashion statement. Another reason why some ninja wear bandages is to hide something like scars or an ability they have (such as Danzo who uses bandages to cover up his sharingan)

  6. Forehead Protector

    These headbands are made from a metal plate and cloth to protect their heads (though some ninjas choose to wear them as something else like a necklace or wear them around their arm). Most ninjas wear them and have their hidden village symbol engraved upon them. They are worn as a sign of pride for one’s village – as it is considered an honourable, important part of tradition of their culture

  7. Anbu robes

    The Anbu wear robes when they want to draw less attention to themselves such as during tracking or surveillance missions. And when it is worn with the mask, one cannot see any features that can identify an Anbu

  8. Official Medial Dress

    The Konoha medical ninja wear white robes. These highlight their focus as healers, as they do not need the extra pouches and pockets found on most ninja clothing for weapons

  9. Mist Hunter Outfit

    Mist Hunter-Nin outfits vary, though all of the outfits consist of a light jumpsuit (allowing for good mobility), pouches for weapons and a mask to help hide their identity

  10. Recon Soldier Clothing

    Hidden Rock recon soldiers wear a loose tunic (that sometimes is sleeveless) to allow for breathability

  11. Sand Village Head Scarf

    This head scarf helps protect the wearer from the blistering sand that surrounds them. Normally, authority figures from the Sand Village will also wear a robe with this head scarf

  12. Sandals

    Sandals are common footwear for ninjas to wear because they allow for their feet to breathe – preventing damage to their feet. Also, the creator of Naruto has stated that they like to draw feet and toes…

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