“I’m told my best subjecting is sleeping, but I think it’s eating” – Usagi

“I’m told my best subjecting is sleeping, but I think it’s eating” – Usagi

  1. Sailor Moon1.jpg
    Usagi’s family is named after the creator’s own family. Naako Takeuchi took inspiration from her own life when creating Usagi’s family and so all the characters are named after members of Takeuchi’s own family – including Ikuko (Usagi’s mum), Kenji (Usagi’s dad) and Shiingo (Usagi’s brother)
  2. Sailor Mercury2.jpg
    In the original notes for the Sailor Moon manga, Takeuchi had planned for Sailor Mercury to be a cyborg (explaining why she was so smart and also good with technology) and then wanted to kill her off in the final battle of the first manga arc
  3. Sailor Venus3.jpg
    Despite Venus being the goddess of love, Sailor Venus is doomed to never find love. In fact, she ends up having to kill the boy she likes! To make it all worse, he curses her moments before his death so that she’ll never find true love…
  4. Sailor Mars4.jpg
    Sailor Mars attends a Catholic school. Although this may seem odd since she is a Shinto priestess, Shinto can be described as a collection of beliefs and rituals unique to the Japanese identity and so is not a religion in the same way as Catholicism. Her school is also considered more ‘classy’ and this makes sense, since she is the daughter of a famous politician and so would attend a more elite school.
    Sailor Mars attending a religious school is also interesting because her dream is to become the head priestess at Hikawa Shrine, where her grandfather is the head priest. Sailor Mars’ true passions lie in spiritualty and meditation
  5. Sailor Jupiter5.jpg
    In Act 42 of the manga (Dream 4 – Jupiter Dream) is it revealed that Sailor Jupiter wants to own her own florist or cake shop when she’s older. Because her parents died when she was young, she also wants to get married young and build a home together too (as she wants to have a family).
    The next part of the dream is a lot more private… We find out that she wants to be as ‘pretty and elegant’ as Sailor Neptune and have more strength like Sailor Uranus
  6. Sailor Saturn6.jpg
    Sailor Saturn’s favourite food is Japanese noodles, but her least favourite is milk…
  7. Sailor Uranus7.jpg
    There are some inconsistencies between the manga, the show and translations of the show. In the manga, it is made pretty clear that Sailor Uranus is gender fluid or non-binary. Then it’s stated that only women can be Sailor Soldiers and Takeuchi has said that Sailor Uranus “always has been and always will be a girl.” And then in Sailor Moon Crystal, Sailor Neptune tells Sailor Moon that Sailor Uranus is both male and female.
    Fans have come to realise though that is doesn’t really matter – Sailor Uranus is obviously not interested in sticking to stereotypes like gender roles
  8. Sailor Neptune8.jpg
    Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus are the only Sailor Scouts with no backstory. We get to learn that she goes to Infinity Academy and then later moves to the same school as Usagi. She has also studied abroad, plays cello and might live in a hotel. But that’s all we know…
  9. Sailor Pluto9.jpg
    Sailor Pluto’s favourite subject is physics and her worst is music. Interestingly though her talent lies in sewing and it’s her dream to become a fashion designer
  10. Sailor Chibi Moon10.jpg
    Despite consistently ranking high in popularity with Japanese audiences, she was considerably less popular with Western audiences. Sailor Chibi Moon has been declared a fairly ‘unpopular’ character with Western audiences (though only in the original anime). The original anime made her less mature than her manga counterpart and many English-speaking fans found her to be overly annoying, bratty, pretty bad in battles and also did not like the disrespect she showed to her mother

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  1. It sucks that Chibiusa is so unliked in Western culture. She is fairly annoying when she is portrayed in the anime, but what kid is perfect these days? Eventually Chibiusa grows into an intelligent young lady (hence why they named her small lady) and she finds her way as a Sailor Senshi. I guess people often forget that Chibiusa is also 300 years old! In Crystal Tokyo the aging processes is slowed down and they age at a different pace than normal humans. I adore Chibiusa mainly because Black (Wicked) Lady is my favorite character right next to Queen Nehelenia ❤

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