Eru Chitanda (to be said with sparkling, wide eyes): I’m… curious!

Eru Chitanda (to be said with sparkling, wide eyes): I’m… curious!

  1. The Movie Murder that No-one Noticed

    Begun In: episode 8
    Solved In: episode 11
    Solved By: Hōtarō Oreki

    In this mystery, the Classics Club is invited to an exclusive preview to a film made by the students in Class 2-F for an assignment. But when they realise that the mystery-murder movie is incomplete and the script writer is away from school sick, it becomes a test of Oreki’s abilities to solve the mystery of which character in the film is the murderer.

    I loved watching Oreki solve this mystery! It really makes you think, and his end conclusion of the cameraman actually being a character is quite out-of-the-box thinking… However, after solving this case, Oreki admits that he could have been wrong – as no-one can ever truly know the exact intentions of a scriptwriter (or event artist, author etc.) without them explaining what they are.

  1. The Origins of Hyouka

    Begun In: episode 3
    Solved In: episode 5
    Solved By: Hōtarō Oreki

    After the Classics Club is re-established by Eru, she reveals that her agenda is to discover the origins of Hyouka, the official publication of the club with a 45-year history, to find out more about her uncle’s life when he was a part of the club during his own high school years.

    I like that all the club members get involved in this mystery – coming up with their own conclusions and trying to help solve the case. It was interesting to learn too that ‘hyouka’ (meaning ice-cream) is a pun that the Classics Club came up with on the English phrase ‘I scream.’

  2. Juumonji Incident

    Begun In: episode 12
    Solved In: episode 17
    Solved By: Hōtarō Oreki

    Oh no! Things are going missing from all the different clubs during the Kan’ya Festival with only a cryptic note from the thief left behind…

    By this far into the series, we’re all trying to solve the mysteries that pop up throughout the series. This one spans over six episodes so it keeps you occupied for a while, especially as you get to see all the different, exciting clubs available at the high school!

  3. The Homemade Chocolates Case

    Begun In: episode 21
    Solved In: episode 21
    Solved By: Hōtarō Oreki

    Last year, Mayaka gave Sotashi chocolates on Valentine’s Day in the attempt to get him to accept her feelings – but this fails when he critiques the quality of the chocolate she made. So, this year Mayaka asks Eru to help her making a better chocolate for Sotashi. Mayaka leaves it out for Sotashi in the club room, but the chocolate disappears…

    This episode was actually kind of sad… I admire how Oreki, Eru and Mayaka acted in this episode too. Although Oreki hears about the disappearance of the chocolate and automatically realises that Sotashi is the one who hid it, he fakes helping Eru ‘solve’ the mystery so that Mayaka won’t be crushed. After they all leave to go home, Oreki also confronts Sotashi about his suspicions and demands an answer too – showing a backbone and wanting a justification for Sotashi hurting Mayaka’s feelings. Mayaka also takes everything incredibly well. She explains to Eru as they walk home that she already figured out that Sotashi was the one who took the chocolate, before agreeing to eat lots of food with Eru to cheer herself up. Eru also stands by Mayaka the whole time. Eru, like any good friend, is desperate for Oreki to find the chocolate so that Mayaka doesn’t have to be discouraged by misplacing it – she is fully invested in Mayaka’s happiness.

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